Provide information for foreigners visiting Japan in the event of a disaster

October 5, 2018 Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Tourism Authority

A tool that foreigners themselves can use for information gathering etc. in the event of a disaster

(1) JNTO Global Site "Typhoon No. 25 Special Page" 【English】

(2) JNTO Tourist Information Center


(3) NHK World JAPAN 【English correspondence】

(4) JNTO official smartphone application 【English, Chinese, Korean 4 languages ​​correspondence】

(5) Safety tips for disaster information providing applications [Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean 5 languages ​​correspondence]

In the "Safety tips" application, disaster related information is sent to foreign nationals visiting Japan. Applications can be downloaded from the URL below.

Tools useful for announcements to foreigners when visiting Japan in the event of a disaster

(1) Multilingual speech translation system (VoiceTra etc.) 【Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean etc. 31 languages ​​correspondence】

(2) Prime Minister's Office (Disaster / Crisis Management Information) twitter

Government activity information on disaster / crisis management from the Prime Minister's official residence is being sent via twitter.

Medical information

(1) List of medical institutions that can accommodate foreign nationals visiting Japan 【5 · language correspondence for Japan · UK · China · Korea】

(2) Guidebook 【6 languages ​​for Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean etc】

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