Duty hospital

Emergency response [365 days 24 hours correspondence]

JA Hokkaido Kokusaiko Kutchan Health Welfare Hospital (24 hours daily)
〒 044-0004 Abuta-gun Kutchan-cho Northeast 4 - chome 1 - chome 2
  • Outside the regular consultation hours, we aim to respond to sudden illness.
  • If you have mild symptoms please visit us at regular examination time.
For medical departments and places, please visit from the following page.

Emergency response [weekday night]

Every Tuesday only (reception reception 5 pm - 7 pm)
Facility NameTEL:
Nanboshi clinic (Randokucho)0136-57-5424
Kun's Surgery Gastroenterology (Kutchan Town)0136-21-6410

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