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Takeshi Arishima Abbreviated score

Born in Tokyo (currently Tokyo) in 1878 (Meiji 11). After graduating from the Gakushuin secondary school, I went to Sapporo Agricultural School. In 1903 (Meiji 36), I studied abroad in the USA. In 1906 (Meiji 39), he studied Europe with his brother, a younger brother studying in Italy and a painter, Arijima Arisa. Returned the following year, he took a teaching position at Tohoku Imperial University Agricultural University which is the back of Sapporo Agricultural School. Also during this period, Mr. Mushiro Michinaka, Naoya Shiga, with his brother Satomi Satomi "Shirakaba" Doujinshi and will start publishing the work. In 1916 (Taisho 5th year), he lost his wife and father one after another, and retired from the agricultural university the following year. Beginning in this period, we announced works such as "Descendant of Cain" "To the Little One" "Problems to Birth" "One Woman" "One Bunch of Grapes", established the position as a writer in the literary background. In addition to the novel, writing activities including fairy tales, drama, social criticism, art criticism etc. are carried out in various ways. In 1922 (November 11th), "Arijima Farm" owned as absentee landowner in Hokkaido Kanta (now Niseko Town) seeking unification of thought and real life, free release on the assumption of land sharing by peasants . Death of 1923 (Taisho 12 years).
Meiji 11
March 4
Born in Tokyo as the eldest son of Father · Take (Takeshi), Mother · Snow (Yuki)
Meiji 17
Admission to Yokohama Eiwa School
Meiji 20
Graduate school preparatory department 3rd grade enrollment
Meiji 29
After graduating from Gakushuin secondary school, entrance to Sapporo Agricultural College 5th grade course
Meiji 32
I am determined to receive Christianity by influence of alumni, Morimoto Atsukichi.
I meet the opposition of my parents.
Father · Takeshi is permitted to lend money to Makkariibetsu (present · Niseko town) under the name of Naoko Yamamoto, son-in-law.
Meiji 34
Sapporo Independent Parliamentary Church joined.
Together with my father · Takeshi (now Niseko Town) "Yamamoto Farm" visited the first time.
Graduated from Sapporo Agricultural College. After graduation, as a volunteer, he will be military service for one year.
Meiji 36
Studying in the USA
Meiji 40
Leaving the US in the previous year, traveling around Europe and returning home.
I visited Sapporo and Arishima Farm with my parents.
Meiji 41
I moved to Sapporo as an English teacher of Tohoku Imperial University Agricultural University preschool.
Participated in the establishment of the Kurosuru Association and the socialist study group within the campus.
Changed Yamamoto Farm to Takeshi Arishima name.
Meiji 42
Inaugurated as a principal of Fukumo Night School.
Married Kanoe Yasuko, the second daughter of the army general Mao Kamio in Tokyo.
Meiji 43
Magazine "Shirakaba" coterie along with his younger brother 's raw horse and Satomi Rikara.
Sapporo Independent Parliamentary Church Resignation.
Model Kinjiro Kida visited "a birth trouble" model.
Major works
"Hallucination of old captain"
Taisho 3 years
Along with the onset of tuberculosis in Yuko, she moved to Tokyo.
Taisho 5 years
Wife · Yuko (August), Father · Takeshi (December) died
Taishō 6
Retired from the Agricultural University. Since then, she has published many works and established her status as a writer.
"Arishima Takeo's work collection" was launched. Reunited with Kijimiro Kida at Arima farm.
Major works
"Descendant of Cain"
Taisho 7th year

Taisho 9 years
 Major works
"To the Little One"
"Worry of being born out"
"A woman"
"Spare time to deprive love"
"A bunch of grapes"
"Traveling heart"
Taisho 11 years
In search of unification of thought and real life, the release of Arujima farm to peasants, expressed willingness to mansion household goods.
On July 18, at Yayoi Shrine in the Arima farm, declared free liberalization of farms through land sharing.
An individual magazine "Izumi" was launched.
Major works
"Declaration one"
"Domoto or death"
"Farewell to peasants"
Taisho 12 years
June 9
A woman's public reporter reporter · Akiko Hatano and Mr. Kirisawa at a villa · Kuriyatsuan.
Major works
"Parent and child"

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