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Takeshi Arishima

In order to advance the development of Hokkaido, the "Hokkaido state-owned undeveloped land disposal law" that encourages settlement to the state-owned undeveloped area was enforced in 1897 (Meiji 30 year). The relationship between Arishima and Niseko started with Father · Takeshi Arishima filing for lending in 1898 (Meiji 31), Makkaribetsu wild field (now Niseko cho). Once returned with various circumstances, the following year, we filed again under the name of the son-in-law and Yamamoto Naohara and received permission from the loan. Since then, due to an increase in settlers due to the opening of the railroad, cultivation proceeds rapidly. In 1908 (Meiji 41), I changed Yamamoto farm to Takeo's name. The following year, it passed the cultivation inspection, and the whole area will be granted free of charge from the Hokkaido agency. In 1914 (Taisho 3rd year), we acquired the former Samura farm and set it as the second farm. Takeo questioned farm ownership from his own thought and declared to free the farm free of charge as a share of all peasants in 1922 (father's 11th year) after his father's death. That was the year before Takeo's death.
In 1924 (Taisho 13th), a limited liability Kanta symbiosis farming credit use union was established and farmed by the spirit of "mutual aid" desired by Takeo. However, in 1949 (Showa 24), the farmland was subject to agricultural land reform by the occupation forces, the farm group broke down, and the farmland became private property according to their ownership. Later, in order to reward the old-fashioned owner's estate, "Arishima thanks party" was established and preserved and exhibited the materials of Takeo and former farm in the former farm office. However, in May 1957, this memorial hall was burned down with the former farm office due to a fire caused by a misfire. Fortunately most of the collections were safely taken out, and in July 1963 (July 1963), the Ariyoshi Arikan Kai got together and the rebuilding campaign occurred. By the donation, the first floor was brick, the second floor was wooden 2 The floor-built Arishima Memorial Museum was rebuilt. Eventually, as a result of administrative problems and the aging of the hall, a new memorial hall will be built by the town in commemoration of the hundred years of Tsuro Arishima's birthday, and the collection of the material of the farm data preserved by the Arijima Gratitude Group It was deposited at the new memorial hall of the town construction, and in April 1978 (1978), the Arishima Memorial Museum was established inheriting the materials.
Niseko has also appeared in the work of Takeo. The novel "descendant of Cain" is a work that depicts the figure of a farmer living in the wild without being able to harmonize with nature and society with Kanta (now Niseko Town) as the stage, unable to harmonize with nature and society. This work was evaluated as a full-scale real novel, and Takeuro's position at the literary pavilion was established. Besides this, it is also the stage of a novel "Birth of trouble" modeled by Kida Kinjiro, and a short story "Parent-child" depicting the conflict of fathers over farm ownership.

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