Niseko Railway Heritage Group

In the summer of 2021, the Niseko Railway Heritage Group was born in the area adjacent to Niseko Station (on the Niseko Ohashi side).
In this place, until 1953, there was the old simplified orbital Makkari Line Kanta Station and the orbital turntable, and it was also a freight transshipment place with the National Railways.
When the “C62 Niseko” entered Niseko Station in 1990, the old Shintoku locomotive turntable was relocated to the same location, and was used to change the direction of Japan's largest steam locomotive C62.
After the abolition of the train in 1995, it was devastated, but in 2014, the railway photographer Yoshio Arakawa and others succeeded in moving the turntable manually.
In 2017, Mr. Yoshihiro Imon moved the steam locomotive “9643” preserved at the Sapporo Beer Garden to the same place, and in 2019, a shed was established and officially released.
And summer 2020. Here, "Niseko Express" retired in 2017 will be saved. After the car is retired, received a your support from everyone around the country by crowdfunding, Niseko Town is saved in the now be realized.
This “Niseko Railway Heritage Group” was realized with your thoughts. We look forward to your visit.

About the release of the Niseko Railway Heritage Group



■ニセコ鉄道遺産群  秋の大公開2023

2023年10月7日(土) 8日(日)

  各日10:00 - 15:00

  各回10人 20分以内





Niseko Railway Heritage Group

1. Old Simple Track Mankari Line Kanta Station and Turntable Ruins (Selected as “Hokkaido Heritage” in 2019)
In 1936, Kanta (now Niseko) and Makkari opened. Agricultural products from the back were transported to Kanta, where they were transshipped to JNR and shipped across the country. Abolition in 1953. After the abolition, many gasoline cars and rails were diverted to the Tsurui village track. A sign indicating the station and the turntable will be installed in 2020.
2. Old Shintoku district turntable
Manufactured by a train company in 1957 and installed in the Shintoku Motive Power Depot. Supporting the auxiliary locomotive of Karikachi Pass from behind, contributing to the distribution between Central Hokkaido and Southern Hokkaido. In 1989, it was relocated for the "C62 Niseko" which extends from the following year to Niseko Station. The train in 1995 was devastated. In 2014, railroad photographer Yoshio Arakawa and others succeeded in manually mobilizing the turntable. Electric restoration will be completed in 2020.
(Youtube / Hokkaido Niseko Town Niseko Town Shinyukitani Channel)
3. Steam locomotive "9643"
Manufactured by Kawasaki Shipbuilding in 1914. After being used in the Chubu area, it was placed in the Asahikawa engine warehouse. In 1949, converted to a dedicated line for the Nisso Tenshio Mining Works, which was used until the discontinued line in 1974. After that, save it at Sapporo Beer Garden. In 2017, Yoshihiro Imon was relocated to Niseko Town being transferred. After the restoration and installation of a shed, it will be released in 2019. Whistling and headlights are also available.
This form (9600 form) was first used in Hokkaido in the Hakodate Main Line Yamasen section (between Otaru and Nagamanbe), and it was a form closely related to the town, such as towing express before the war.
Four. Niseko Express (Kiha 183-5001)
In 1988, new internal production at the JR Hokkaido Naeho Plant for the first time in about 50 years. Steel bodies are produced at Muroran's steelworks and are “Doshinko vehicles”. Manufactured with innovative features in line with the steep slope and sharp curve of the Hakodate Main Line. It can be said that this is the first vehicle newly manufactured for the same section in the history of the mountain line. Highly evaluated in terms of design. In winter, it connects the Niseko area and New Chitose Airport. Also active as Fighters for a while. In 2017, scrapped due to aging.
In 2019, crowdfunding will be implemented, and vehicle purchase and transportation costs will be added and storage will be realized. In the summer of 2020, after painting and repairing, he returned home to Niseko Town.
In the future, we are planning to exhibit on the turntable with different backgrounds such as Mt. Yotei or Niseko Bridge depending on the season.

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