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Niseko Town Board of Education
I moved the office of the Board of Education Committee (September, Heisei 30 -)
Government Office Along with the improvement of the New Government Office, the office of the Board of Education Committee (chairperson of education and school education section) has been relocated as follows.

Niseko town relocation destination within the general gymnasium (Niseko town center center east side)
Location Nishi-ko Town Fair 048-1501 Fujimi 95
If you are going to the chief of education, please come to this place for enrollment procedures.
(Enter the building from the front entrance, go to the back of the right, there is an office.)
Please also send us your sending items.
Remarks Other than changing the address of the address, telephone and facsimile numbers,
There is no change of e-mail address.
Telephone number (Education chief / school education section) 0136-44-2101
(Townspeople study section) 0136-44-2034
Secretariat operation hours (opening hours) Weekdays 8:30 to 17:15

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