Child-friendly community development (CFCI)

Niseko Town"UNICEF Japanese-style child-friendly community development project (CFCI) practice local government"As a result, we are promoting child-friendly community development.

Town Planning Youth Involvement

In Niseko Town, Niseko Town Basic Ordinance for Town Development'', which is said to be the constitution of the town, was established in 2000 based on the ``mutual aid'' that is the legacy of Takeo Arishima, a writer who is related to the town.Article 11 stipulates the right of children to participate in community development.

(Right to participate in community development for townspeople under the age of 20)
Article 11 Young people and children under the age of 20 are entitled to participate in town development suitable for their age.

Adolescents and children under the age of 20 also need a form of participation according to their age, and their opinions are an important asset of the town. We believe that the right of such children to participate should be guaranteed. The results of community development by adults will be immediately enjoyed by children.
On the other hand, while lowering the age at which children are subject to punishment, the current situation is that they are not seeking their political participation. Instead of giving priority to punishment, I think that Japan needs a system in which adults listen to children's voices seriously and reflect them in community development. It is important that children's participation is not formal (superficial) or temporary participation, but is constantly repeated in daily life and educational settings, and we must promote the creation of a mechanism for that purpose. ..
(Excerpt from Niseko Town Basic Ordinance for Town Development Pocket Edition)

Niseko Town Initiatives

  • For two years from October 2018, we participated in the model verification work of the Japanese CFCI advocated by the Japan Committee for UNICEF, and from December 2021, it was approved as a practical municipality.
  • In Niseko Town, we are promoting child-friendly town development by collecting and confirming the implementation status of town development measures for children in the entire town while utilizing the CFCI checklist.
  • From 2021, in order to realize child-friendly community development, we have established the "Children's Future Division", which is the core of the vertically divided organization, which supervises the vertically divided organizations regarding child-related measures.
  • Niseko Town, children participate in community development through activities such as the "Children's Assembly" and the "Children's Community Development Committee."

What is a child-friendly community development project (CFCI)?

The Child Friendly Cities Initiative (= Child Friendly Cities Initiative) is a global activity advocated by UNICEF to embody the Convention on the Rights of the Child at the local government level. It is important that children participate in community development as a member of society and their voices are reflected when asked how the town's business and budget are for children.
Child-friendly community development leads to community development that is friendly to all people, including the elderly and women, and has a high affinity with the SDGs, which are promoted by Niseko Town

Online forum
UNICEF Japanese CFCI model verification work completion report and future prospects

Niseko Town also participated in the online forum "UNICEF Japanese CFCI Model Verification Work Completion Report and Future Prospects" held on February 16, 2021 and reported the verification results of the model project for two years.
2020 as concrete measures of the degree, we report as follows.
  • Created CFCI model component checklist for office work under each jurisdiction
  • The agency WG summarizes the efforts of the entire Niseko Town
  • Niseko Town Confirmation of evaluation by child-friendly town development committee

Components and checklist of "Child-friendly town"

Niseko Town, based on the Japan Committee for UNICEF "Japanese-style child-friendly town development project-implementation manual for local governments-", the components and checklist of the Niseko Town version are set and self-evaluation is performed.
The self-evaluation results will be disclosed as follows.

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