Adult Health

Health consultation

Public health nurse consults at any time by telephone or interview.
We may be absent at an event etc. Please contact us in advance.

Visit a nutritionist

Public health nurses and nutritionists conduct individual consultation and home visits to those who are concerned about lifestyle diseases and those who have received guidance that they are required to improve their living by medical examination etc. We help to improve dietary habits and lifestyle habits I will. We will inform individuals individually.

District patrol health classroom

I visit each district during the winter season, and I am doing a health classroom at the hall etc.
PlaceEach district hall and others

Consultation organization other than Niseko Town

A specialist will respond to an interview consultation.
Because reservation is necessary, please consult in advance. (Secrets of individuals are protected)
Facility NameShinki Integrated Promotion Bureau
Health Administration Department, Ministry of Health and Environment
LocationKutchan-cho Northern 1 Azabu 2 chome
(Kutchan Health Center)

Mental health consultation

For example ...
  • Work efficiency gets worse, absenteeism continues
  • Insomnia continues, becoming pessimistic with trifles.
  • I am in trouble with dementia and care
  • To confront, to violence at home

Drinking inquiries

For example ...
  • I can not work because I use violence by the influence of alcohol.
  • I am troubled with substance abuse such as thinner

Consultation on AIDS

  • Antibody test (can be received anonymously)

Inquiries regarding information on this page

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