Niseko Town Regional Comprehensive Support Center

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The comprehensive comprehensive support center helps comprehensively support everyone elderly who live in the area such as nursing care, welfare and health from various aspects.
We are accepting consultations about daily life, health, and nursing care for the elderly and their families in order to live in a healthy and well-living area forever.

Various consultation (total consultation)

  • I am anxious when I should be by myself.
  • A worried elderly living alone in the neighborhood
  • I do not know where to consult About every care

Protecting rights (protection of rights)

  • It was damaged by malicious visit sales
  • I lost confidence in money management
  • There are people who are in abuse
  • I end up abusing etc

Nursing care and health (care prevention care management)

  • I want to maintain my current health
  • I want to certify long-term nursing care, various care concerning nursing care
  • I was to leave the hospital but I can not prepare nursing care products
  • I would like to use daisa-vis, helper, visit nursing etc.
  • Health class for the elderly

Healthy health classroom

Lecture and consultation by nutritionist and dental hygienist, health consultation by public health nurse.
(Each district is scheduled to be held twice a year.)

Nursing care prevention class "Deposits (Chokin) classroom"

  • It is a care prevention class for those who are concerned about physical strength and health.
  • We will do gymnastics to move the whole body, face, mouth etc. so that it will be a vivid life through gymnastics.
  • We will carry out in accordance with personal health condition.
periodSeptember to February every year
Planned once every two weeks
PlaceChomin Center
CapacityAbout 20 people
Contents<Menu for improving motor function>
· Flexible gymnastic, light exercise to move the whole body
· Training using rubber band
· Lecture by occupational therapist
<Oral function improvement menu>
· Swallowing gymnastics, healthy gymnastics etc.
· Two lectures by a dental hygienist

Support for people living alone with the elderly

Elderly voice calling support

We are calling out loudly so that we can live with even a little safety. If you wish, please contact below.


It corresponds to the following points, and those who meet the criteria specified by the town are eligible.
  • One's way of living over 65 years old
  • For elderly-only households aged 65 and older
  • Those who are worried about living such as physical or forgetfulness
Person who is using day service, home help service is not eligible.


  • For free, the daily living assistant visits about once every two weeks, about a 15 - 30 minute voice call.
  • If there is consultation, the staff of the Regional Comprehensive Support Center will respond.
  • Required for application: seal

Emergency medical information kit

We will distribute free of charge for the purpose of ensuring safety and security by preparing a system that can receive prompt medical care activities in emergency such as illness. If you wish, please contact below.


  • 60歳以上のひとり暮らしの方
  • 60歳以上の高齢者のみの世帯

Application method

Bring your seal and fill out the "Application Form" at the Local Elderly Care Management Center (in the Niseko Town Hall). We will explain the entry method on the spot and give you an emergency medical kit. The application can be made by the principal or a proxy. (One kit is distributed to one household.)
  • Required for application: seal

Family care, support in the community

Niseko caregiver's association (management of Niseko welfare association)

We hold an exchange meeting between families who care for elderly people with dementia.
This is a place where you can deepen your understanding of dementia and discuss each other's concerns and concerns about nursing care. Niseko Town Home Care Support Facility care managers, day service center nurses, and community health support center public health nurses are participating.
If you are interested, please contact us in advance and join us.
  • 日時は、広報と一緒にチラシを配布していますので、ご確認ください。

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