Procedures for occupying roads and rivers

Procedure for road occupation

Since the road is originally used for general transportation, if you use it temporarily for construction or a signboard, if you use it for something other than the original purpose of the road, It will not.

Applicants are different for road management categories such as national roads and roads, so please contact us in charge for details.
Management SectionApplicantTEL:
Town roadNiseko Town Urban Construction Division Civil Engineering Section 
PathwayOtaru Construction Management Department True branch office manager0136-45-2136
国道Otaru Development Construction Division Kutchan Road Maintenance Office0136-22-0133

Required for application

  • Application for permission to occupy road (Law Enforcement Regulation No. 5)
  • Drawings and the like that clarified the location of the road occupation and the structure of the property

Approximate date of filing permission application (from use date)

  • Machi road: 2 weeks ago
  • Roadside: 1 month ago
  • National road: 1 month ago

Cost for occupancy

  • Machi road: free of charge
  • Road: Occupancy fee is required. Please ask for details.
  • National Highway: same as above

River land use procedure

Rivers need to be properly managed so that the occurrence of disasters is prevented and public safety is protected, so in order to use the premises you must obtain permission in advance.

Applicants will vary depending on the river management classification, so please contact the person in charge for details.
  • 普通河川・・・ニセコ町都市建設課土木係
  • 一級河川・・・小樽建設管理部真狩出張所管理係(0136-45-2136)

Required for application

Ordinary river

  • Permission application form (Normal river ・ ・ Niseko Town Ordinary River Management Ordinance Enforcement Regulations Separate No. 1 Style (A) and (Otsuno-2)

First class river

  • Appended form of the River Law enforcement regulations No. 8 (Party A) and (Party B 2))
  • Book that outlines the plan of business related to occupation of river grounds
  • Position map with 1 / 50,000 scale
  • Measured plan view
  • Area statement
  • A document stating that there is sufficient prospect or expectation for permission and approval by another administrative agency

Approval of permission application (from date of use)

  • Normal river: 1 month ago
  • First class river: Because it depends on conditions, please ask details.

Cost for occupancy

  • River, ordinary river, first-class river occupation fee will be charged


・ Niseko Town Ordinary River Management Ordinance Chapter 10 Construction Chapter 5 Rivers
・ Niseko Town Ordinary River Management Ordinance Enforcement Regulations Part 10 Construction Chapter 5 Rivers

Certification criteria · policy of town road

  • Niseko Town Road Certification Standard Part 10 Construction Chapter 1 Civil Engineering
  • Niseko Town Road Accreditation Committee Establishment Guidelines Part 10 Construction Chapter 1 Civil Engineering
  • Town Road Certification Policy Related to Road No. 10 Construction Chapter 1 Civil Engineering
  • Town Road Authorization Policy for Sale District No. 10 Construction Chapter 1 Civil Engineering

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