Reuse of Niseko Central Warehouse Group


Niseko Central Warehouse Group Old starch factory

Warehouse group which was once crowded as agricultural product accumulation place.
Again the townspeople and tourists gathered in this group of warehouses, and after considering repeatedly as a place to rebuild as a new bustling place, it was born again as a "Niseko central warehouse group" from the year of Heisei 28.
It is used as a base for revitalizing the area gathered by local residents and tourists.

What is Central Warehouse Group


Niseko station (then · Kota station) Around

From Taisho to Showa era, many stone warehouse groups, starch factories, etc. were lined up as Niseko station (then · Kota station) around agricultural products of Mt. Yotei.
In the warehouse group that still remains, there are stone warehouses built in 1980 and the former starch factory built in the Showa 40s.

Warehouse group of historical building

Existing warehouse groups were used by a similar agricultural cooperative, but in the fall of Heisei 20, the warehouse function moved to the newly built warehouse.
In the town, we aim to preserve the warehouse group after relocation as a historical building and to reuse it as a means of revitalizing the community.
In addition, we will explore how to utilize the townspeople and tourists to gather and bustle in this place again as it was when we crowded as a gathering place once, taking advantage of the convenience of the location adjacent to the station and station hot springs "Kirara no yu" .

Niseko Central Warehouse Group Recruitment of management company (designated manager) through introduction of private vigor - The recruitment has ended

As a facility providing towns, tourists, visitors, and other places of exchanges to provide a place of rest for relaxing and comfortable, as well as improving the living culture and education of the townspeople, promoting health and welfare, and promoting regional development in Niseko As a facility that will contribute to the revitalization of the industry, we are looking for operators (administrators, designated managers) to utilize the Niseko central warehouse group.

I decided to publicly invite the administrators from the public widely.
We are looking for use / management plans of facilities with ingenuity based on application guidelines such as the following use conditions.

For details, please check the following and application guidelines.

<Recruitment details, conditions, etc.> ※ For details, please confirm with the application guidelines

○ Target facility

No. 1 warehouse, old starch factory, square

○ Contents of usage management plan
Please plan to meet the following (1) - (7).
(1) To be a business plan for utilization and operation that contributes to industry promotion in Niseko-cho
(2) Making use of the local employment · Operation It is a business plan
(3) To promote emigration and settlement to Niseko Town, to be in charge of coordinating the activities of the regional cooperation and village support personnel in the town, and to have the function of coordinating its activities.
(4) To be a use and operation project plan that contributes to the local community
(5) To establish a cooperative framework with warehouse groups and surrounding enterprises and plan to focus on that adjustment
(6) Other use / management plan that contributes to improvement of residents' services
(7) To be a use / management business plan that considers basic design, preparation support design, implementation design, open space design, operation plan, and landscape guidelines

○ period
3 years from April 1, 2011

(1) Start of recruitment: Thursday, February 7,
(2) Question accepting period: From February 7 th, Heisei 31 (Thursday) to February 19 (Tue)
(3) Explanation to Applicants: From February 7 th, (Thursday) 7 th, 20110, as necessary, from time to time (Niseko Town Office Planning & Environment Division)
(4) Submission deadline: Wednesday, February 20, 2011 (Wed)
(5) Selection of administrators: scheduled for late February, 2011
(6) The operator and the town sign a contract (after the decision by the parliament): after March 14, 2011

○ Eligibility
Corporation, other conditions equipped (※ Please check with application guidelines)

○ Application documents
Form No. 1 to No. 5 (below, downloadable from the set of styles)
Other related materials as necessary

○ Submission method
Until Wednesday, February 20, 2011 (Wednesday)
From 8: 30 to 17: 15
Please bring the following "inquiries" by bringing or mailing etc.
1 copy original, 1 duplicate copies 2 copies
The standard of the documents to be submitted is A4 version vertical (excluding goods of imitation, illustration etc)

○ Receipt and response of questionnaire
The question is made according to Form No. 6 (below, downloadable from the set of styles).
The acceptance period is from February 7 th (Thursday) to February 19 (Heisei) Heisei 31 (Heisei)
We will reply at any time. Also, it will be used for browsing.
→ As of February 19, Heisei 31, there was no question

○ Inquiries
Niseko town, Abuta-gun, 048-1595 Fujimi 47 Fujimi
Niseko Town Planning and Environment Division Autonomous Creation Division (Niseko Town Office 1F)
Mr. Masaru Kawakawa Manager of self-government creation
Absence: Kenta Yamamoto Planning Environment Section Manager
Phone: 0136-44-2121
FAX: 0136-44-3500
E-mail address: jichi ● ※ Convert to ● at mark


Niseko Central Warehouse Group The recruitment results of candidate operators (designated managers) and selection of candidates by introducing private vigor

Niceko Central Warehouse Group When we recruited private operator (designated manager) by introducing private vigor, there was application from one company.
Based on the selection result from the application company by the selection committee, the following businesses were selected as candidates.

Selection entrepreneur: Living in Niseko Co., Ltd.

Concept of reuse of warehouse group

Old starch factory


Old starch factory

It is a core facility of the warehouse group by utilizing it for exchange halls, galleries, cafes, shops of special products.
There is also a children's space and a nursing room that can be used with small children.
In addition to a free wifi environment, this facility also provides a telework environment in one room and serves as a base for using telework.

No.1 Warehouse


No.1 Warehouse

Utilizing the exterior appearance of the stone finish and the characteristic cabin building (roof framework), it is utilized for concerts and lectures.
Telework can also be used, video verification using large monitors, and group work.

No. 2 warehouse

Komori Ski Manufacturing Co., Ltd. uses it as a workplace / shop as a private vigorous introduction to effectively utilize the central warehouse group.

New fertilizer warehouse

Nisekobas Co., Ltd. uses it as a company office as a private vigorous introduction to effectively utilize the central warehouse group.

No. 12 warehouse

As a private vigorous introduction to effectively utilize the central warehouse group, Lion Adventure Co., Ltd. uses it as a store and warehouse.

No. 13 warehouse

As the deterioration of the building is advanced, it is used as a warehouse.

Central warehouse group guidelines

As part of effective use of the central warehouse group, we are trying to introduce private vitality.
Currently, we are reusing 2 warehouses, 12 warehouses, fertilizer new warehouse by introducing private vigor.
In addition, when private enterprises introduce renovation of existing warehouses and new buildings on the warehouse grounds in the future, private companies will utilize the landscape as the historic building of the central warehouse while utilizing it For that reason, in the town "Niseko town central warehouse group landscape guidelines" is stipulated.

Niseko Central Warehouse Group Home Page · Telework

At Niseko Central Warehouse Group, it is now possible to use various facilities such as teleworking facilities, using it as a trial satellite office, and teleworking by using free Wi-Fi in free space.
For details, please visit this HP

Efforts to promote telework use in central warehouses

Promote the use of telework in the central warehouse group, so that various people can gather and enhance the function as a new exchange base where exchanges including the townspeople are planned, and various ways of working are put into practice The following initiatives are being implemented.

・ Review of facility usage charges (charges can be set according to long-term usage conditions)

・ Conclude long-term use contracts with companies in Tokyo and start long-term use

・ Start monthly use in adjacent properties that can be used when using telework

・ Concluded agreement with private companies to promote use
Concluded cooperation agreement with a company that actually practiced telework in the central warehouse group
→ Started provision of information on central warehouses to members of companies that have signed agreements as an initiative based on the agreement

・ Join a council established to promote nationwide dissemination of work

・ Introduction of experiences of teleworking companies on the central warehouse group homepage

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