Niseko Town Hometown Viewpoint

What is the hometown view point?

Niseko Town Landscape Ordinance by Article 27, Niseko Town where you can view the excellent scenery in as "hometown view point", the mayor will be specified.
Currently, two hometown viewpoints are specified.

Introduction of the hometown view point

Hometown view point 1 (Designated on February 28, 2007)

Landscape elements· Two cherry tree
· Mt. Yotei
PlaceNiseko Town character Soga
commentIt is a shooting spot of a photographer to know. I wonder if there are many people who have seen pictures of this angle.
Note: Please be careful not to enter inside as it is a field before.

Hometown view point 2 (Designated February 28, 2007)

Landscape elements· Ostrich ranch
· Niseko Annupuri
· Mt. Yotei
PlaceNiseko Town Toyosato
commentIt is a view point that you can see Niseko Annupuri in the distance and Mt. Yotei nearby. Ranch opened on a small hill and pretty ostrich have a very good atmosphere. An ostrich may be a little scary when looking at it nearby, but it is very handsome. You can give food.

Until my hometown view point is specified

July 28, 2006The mayor asked the Niseko Town Elementary and Junior High School Community Development Committee to select a candidate site for the hometown view point.
September 2, 2006
October 14, 2006
In the elementary and junior high school student community making committee, we did search for a candidate for the hometown view point (field work).
January 12, 2007We propose two candidate destinations of the hometown view point to the mayor from the elementary and junior high school student community making committee.
February 28, 2007The town mayor designated two hometowns and a view point.

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