Efforts of new administrative reform (Heisei era 2011 ~)

Update date: March 31, Heisei 30
As an effort to reform the administration of the town, we are promoting systematic reforms including the administrative reform outline. Regarding the efficiency and sophistication of administrative management in local autonomy, it always seems to be important to continue and develop themselves. From FY 2011, we are working on reform based on new plans.

Content of the initiative

Reform based on new plan

Reform based on administrative reform outline

Heisei 8 -
Heisei era 2004 - FY 2008
Please refer to the following page for the consultation and the report to the committee in formulating the 2nd line of the management outline.

Reform based on country's special program

Survey on situation of efforts of local administrative service reform

Regarding local administrative services reform, the government issued the notice of the Minister of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications in February 2008, "Regarding notice on promotion of regional administrative service reform", and while local finances are still in a severe situation, the administration From the viewpoint of providing services, local government bodies have been asked to make efforts to promote business reform such as private consignment and cloud computing.
This time, the state of efforts of regional administrative service reform as of April 1, 2008 was compiled by the country.
Therefore we will announce the content of Honmachi in this survey.

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