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Invited by a friend who became friends with free mobile SNS (Note 1) · ·


Another site was introduced from "acquaintance" as "it is interesting", and when I browsed by registering the name and e-mail address, a bill of charge was sent. Later I found that the site was a dating site.


I thought that "Professional (2) is OK because everyone is doing it," and released the name, school name, e-mail address, facial photograph, someone told the information of the lie, then a lot of bad words in Prof It was written and I was bullied.

Do not forget that there is a possibility of being bullied due to personal information entered easily as in the case as in the example, there is a possibility of being involved in the incident, when entering personal information is really a site that needs it Let 's think about well.
In addition, it may be dangerous to actually meet a person you met on a mobile website. If you have uneasy things, do not worry alone, consult a reliable person, such as a family, school teacher, consultation consultation desk etc.

Note 1) Mobile SNS (S NS)
Initials for social networking services. A membership-based internet service that only a limited number of people can participate. Registration is necessary for participation, and many games can be done.

Note 2) Prof
A site that makes it easy to create your own profile page. Popular among middle and high school and high school students, they can write information such as residential areas, birth dates, hobbies, frequent shops and self-expression. While there is fun to share information, there are also many cases that lead to bullying and troubles from written content.

Beware of expensive claims of free games

Some online games on the Internet and mobile phones require you to purchase avatars (* 1) and items used for games one after another. Even in an online game that says "free", in fact, unless you purchase items such as paid items, progress of the game becomes difficult, and some things are not all available for free. Also, in advertisements on television, magazines, and the Internet, only "free" is emphasized, and there are also things that make it difficult to understand that there are some fees. If a child says "free", you may misunderstand that all usage is "free", or you may not be able to distinguish between currency in the game and real money. Because parents' eyes are difficult to reach and unknowingly children are playing with paid items etc., there are many times troubles that "they should be charged for a high usage fee should be free" Let's watch out.

Note 1) Avatar
A character appearing on the screen as an alter ego on the Internet. In addition to human beings, animals and robots can be selected, and in some cases original characters can be created by selecting hairstyles, clothes, ornaments and the like.

There is also solicitation from friends MLM

"If you buy this product and introduce it to another person, you will be profitable. Why do not you try thinking it is a simple byte?" It is a lot of damage to the relatively young people in their 20s and 30s. As a result of dyeing hands to make money, only debt remains, even friendships may even collapse. Let's be careful enough.
Multimedia Commercial Law is called "multilevel marketing transaction", and the sales organization is cascaded in the form of contracting goods and services, saying that if you join a new member into the organization you get profits, It is a transaction that expands to. It is a mechanism to receive incentives etc. when selling products or creating new members. In some business operators, they name different names such as MLM (multi-level marketing) and network business, but the actual state of transaction is the same.
At first, even if someone around me bought some money, it quickly became stuck, and a large amount of inventory and payment of purchase fee will remain.
Victims of MLM may risk becoming perpetrators by inviting their friends. There is no good talk. Even if it is advised that close friends "have a story to make a profit", let's refuse it as a good thing.

MLM can cool off

If you make a contract with MLM, you can do cooling off within 20 days from the day you received the statutory document.
For details, please see the following page.

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