Multiple debts

What is multiple debt?

Multiple debt refers to a state in which debt is repeated from many borrowers and repayment becomes difficult. Once it falls into multiple debts, it will be difficult to solve it by individual effort alone, in order to repay debts, borrow from other financial firms.
It is very important to consult a trustworthy institution when it is, or before it happens. Please contact us as soon as you are in trouble.

About overpaid money

According to the Interest Rate Restriction Law, interest is set at 18% / year for loans with (100,000 to less than 1 million yen), and interest is 20% / year for loans with (less than 100,000 yen). As a result, moneylenders with interest of more than 20% will be in violation of this interest limitation law. Under the Capital Subscription Law, the maximum interest rate was 29.2% until 2006, so the difference between the maximum interest rate with the Interest Rate Restriction Law was called "gray zone interest rate". The overpaid money refund request is to correctly recalculate this gray zone interest rate and have it returned if it is over payment. Even if the borrowing amount is small, if the borrowing period is long, it may become a large amount of overpayment refund.
Overpaid claims will be applied not only to those in the process of repayment but also to past borrowings that have already been paid off. If you have a mind please consult an expert such as a lawyer.

Cashing credit cards is a crime

What is cashing in the credit card shopping space
Credit cards have a function of "shopping" to purchase goods and services and postpay it, and a function of "cashing" to borrow money, and the amount frame that can be used for each is set. "Cashing out the credit card shopping frame" is to use the "shopping" frame that is originally set for purchasing products and services postpaid, for the purpose of cashing. Credit card companies prohibit such usage.

One example of signature

The method of cashing is made by purchasing 500,000 yen items by credit card and purchasing it at 400,000 yen. At a later date, consumers will be charged a purchase price of 500,000 yen from the credit company. Moreover, troubles such as "can not be deposited" "can not cancel" etc are also occurring. Such a business may display laws and permissions that are not related to cash conversion, such as "comply with the premium labeling law" and "received permission from the Public Safety Commission" , We do not guarantee that there is no legal problem regarding cashing. Absolutely do not cash the credit card shopping space.

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