Malicious commercial law

What is vice brokerage?

The Malicious Commercial Law is a commercial law that solicits words, skillfully solicits words, does not feel like contracting with consumers, contracts in the circumstances that are difficult to refuse, temporarily makes that matter, contracts, and sells goods etc. Post-treatment measures such as termination of contracts are also important for such malicious solicitation methods, but it is most important not to take the invitation of the opponent.
We are soliciting maliciously and cleverly in various ways. In the situation where consumers can not be temporarily denied or contact with the outside can be made, let me think that they can contract "I can contract now" and let them contract. Always remember that consumers are good at attracting people's weaknesses and are likely to do anything for a contract, we also learn consumers of malicious traders and try self-defense from everyday.

Attention to profit talk

Undisclosed share trading

There are frequent cases where troubles are encountered by purchasing unlisted stocks from unregistered businesses with sales talks such as "It will be sure to list once". The following cases have been reported.

"Theater type" where multiple businesses appear

"Company C shares related to terrestrial digital broadcasting will be listed in August from Company A. It will be tripled if you purchase it now." Shortly after that, as soon as I heard that "I will buy the stock at a high price" from company B who calls on the acquiring company, I believe the contents and purchased the stock of company C. After that, even if you call company B to buy it, you can not contact. Now it seems that both A and B are the same business.

Do you regain past damage? "Recovery type"

Although it purchased unlisted stock, it was not listed but it was fraudulent. However, the other day, another business entrusted to manage the company's funds received an explanation, "If I pay 360,000 yen of attorney fee, I will proceed to make a full refund" and paid. In the end it was not refunded, I was deceived further.

Such a technique is increasingly sophisticated. Invitation to buy private stocks will not be made to general investors, so it is necessary to refuse them absolutely. Also, only unlisted securities companies, unlisted stocks and corporate bond issuing companies can sell undisclosed shares and corporate bonds. Other solicitation may violate the law. If you think that it is "funny", please contact the Japan Securities Dealers Association's Private Notice Call Center or Financial Services User Consultation Office.
  • Japan Securities Dealers Association
Unlisted stock report exclusive call center
Phone number: 0120-344-999
  • Financial Services User Consultation Office

Overseas lottery

A direct mail from overseas sent to my home. Looking inside, I have a letter as if I won a lot of overseas lotteries. However, in reality, it is not an elected lottery, but an invitation to purchase lottery tickets in many cases. Such carriers do not know whether they actually purchase international lottery tickets, but after a while it is impossible to contact them, so that only payment of credit cards remains in many cases.
In Japan, it is forbidden by law to sell and purchase international lottery tickets. Please be careful not to apply for overseas lottery purchase easily.

Impersonation 【office / fire department / police etc】

"I came from a government office."
"They are entrusted from the National Bankers Association"
"National Lifestyle Safety Center" etc.
And businesses who come to sales solicitations or visit sales by using names that accidentally recognize consumers as public institutions in existence. Public institutions such as government offices never suddenly call or contract for a visit. When you feel suspicious, do not decide immediately on the spot and let's consult family members. In addition, consultation is also accepted at the office and consumer consultation desk, so please feel free to contact us if you feel that it is funny or doubtful?
Since there are various other bad commercial laws, please refer to the Hokkaido Consumer Life Center website.

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