Special Child Support Allowance

Special child support allowance is provided to parents who are raising children under the age of 20 who have physical or mental disabilities.

Eligible recipient

Parents, etc. who are raising children with disabilities (1st and 2nd grade). (There is an income limit.)

Required for application

To receive the allowance, please complete the procedure with the following documents on the certification invoice at the municipality of your address. It is paid by being certified by the governor.
・ Family register copy (excerpt) of the claimant and the target child (registration certificate for foreigners)
・ Medical certificate (The form is in the Health and Welfare Division)
(The medical certificate may be omitted if you have a disability certificate or nursing certificate.)
・ Passbook in the name of the claimant
・ Other required documents

Payment month

・ April (December-March)
・ August (April-July)
・ November (August-November)



Submission of income status report

Those who receive the allowance are required to describe the situation as of August 1st each year and submit an "income status report" to confirm whether there is a requirement to continue receiving the special child-rearing allowance.

When other notifications are required

The following notifications may be required if necessary.
・ Address change notification from outside the town
・ Amount revision (increase) invoice
・ Recertification invoice
・ Notification of disqualification
・ Notification of amount revision (reduction)
・ Other notifications (address (inside the town), name change, certificate lost, etc.)

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