Child allowance

It is provided to those who are raising children from 0 years old to before the end of junior high school.

Payment amount

Age of the childAmount of children's allowance (monthly per person)remarks
Under 3 years old15,000 yenUniform
3 years old or older before completing elementary school¥ 10,00015,000 yen for the third and subsequent children
Middle school students¥ 10,000Uniform
Special benefits5,000 yenRecipients who are above the income limit and below the income limit
Income cap0 YenThose who are above the income limit
* If the income of the person raising the child is above the income limit or below the income limit, a flat monthly payment of 5,000 yen will be provided as a special benefit.
* From October 2022 if the income of the person raising the child is above the upper limit of income, the child allowance will not be paid.
* "Third child and beyond" refers to the third and subsequent children who are raising children until graduating from high school (until the first March 31 after the 18th birthday).

Payment time

Every year, in June, October, and February, payments will be made up to the previous month.


When a child is born or moves in from another municipality, it is necessary to submit a "certification invoice".
* Please enter your My Number on the certification invoice.
[Attachments required for certification request]
  • A copy of the claimant's and spouse's health insurance card
  • A bank account number in the name of the claimant can be confirmed
  • There are other documents to be submitted as needed.
(In the case of separation from the child to be raised, separation during divorce talks, guardian of a minor, designated parent, admission to a child welfare facility, etc.)

Information on the child allowance system from the 2022

We asked all beneficiaries to submit a status report every June, but the child allowance system was partially revised from June 2022 and the beneficiary information can be confirmed in the information such as the Basic Resident Register. in case of,In principle, it is not necessary to submit a status report.have become.
* For those who need a status report, we will notify you separately.

Please note that if you make any of the following changes, you will need to notify Niseko Town.
  1. When there are no more children to be paid due to the fact that they are no longer raising children
  2. When the address of the beneficiary, spouse, or child changes (including moving to another municipality or overseas)
  3. When the name of the beneficiary, spouse, or child changes
  4. When you have a spouse to raise a child with you, or when you no longer have a spouse to raise a child
  5. When the pension enrolled by the beneficiary changes (including when the beneficiary becomes a civil servant)
  6. When receiving designation as a "parent designated person" from parents living overseas as a person raising children in Japan
(Example) If there is a change in the health insurance card of parents, etc. (National Health Insurance, Employee Insurance, Public Employee Mutual Aid Association), please bring your seal and health insurance card and report it.

◎ For those who need to continue to submit the status report, the following status report form will be mailed separately.
  • Those who receive the benefits in a city different from the address of the juminhyo (certificate of residence) due to violence from their spouse, etc.
  • Payment requirements Those who do not have a child's family register
  • Those who are separated from their spouse during divorce talks
  • In addition, those who have been informed of submission from Niseko Town (those who need confirmation in the town)
* If you have any questions, please contact the Welfare Section, Health and Welfare Division.

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