Delivery of a notebook

For people with physical disabilities, "Handicapped Personal Handbook" and "Personally Handicapped Persons" will be issued to people with intellectual disabilities. If you have these notebooks you can receive various support systems depending on the degree of disability. In order to receive a notebook, it is necessary to apply at the office window after consultation with your doctor.

Required for application

  • Doctor opinion
  • seal
  • Photo

Physically handicapped

A handicapped person notebook is issued to people with certain disabilities in the body to support their independence based on the welfare law for the disabled. By having this physical handicap notebook, you will be able to receive various services.
The obstacles to be issued are as follows.
  • Vision
  • Hearing
  • Balancing function
  • Audio · language function · chewing function
  • Limb
  • Cardiac function
  • Dental function
  • Respiratory function
  • Bladder / rectal function
  • Small bowel function
  • Impairment of immune function
Depending on the degree, there are 1st grade to 7 grade. (The 7th grade is not handed out.)

Care book

A caregiving notebook is a notebook that is issued to make it easy for mentally handicapped children and persons to provide consistent guidance and consultation, as well as to receive various assistance systems. The degree of disability is stated as "A" or "B", "A" is severe, and "B" is a medium / mild disorder.

Health welfare notebook for mentally handicapped person

Health welfare notebook for mentally handicapped persons is issued to those who have restrictions on daily life or social life for a long time due to mental disorders, in order to promote independence and social participation. By having this mentally handicapped health and welfare notebook, you can receive various services. The grade of disability is from 1st grade to 3 grade.

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