Support for people with disabilities

Community living support business for people with disabilities

A service based on the Disabled Personnel Autonomy Support Law, the municipalities themselves define the content and standards of services for community life support projects.
Applications are required to use any business. For details, please contact the Welfare Section of the Health and Welfare Section at the office.

Consultation support

We set up in the health welfare section of the consultation desk office, respond to consultation of people with disabilities and family members, provide necessary information, introduce professional organizations, and provide necessary assistance for protection of rights, We will support you so that you can take self-reliant everyday life or social life.
Consultation placeNiseko Town Office Health and Welfare Division
location47 Fujimi, Niseko Town Abuta-gun
contact information0136-44-2121

Movement support

For those who are difficult to move outdoors due to obstacles, we will encourage independent living and social participation in the community by providing support for going out (dispatch of guide helper). We provide services similar to outpatient care of conventional welfare service for disabled welfare.

User burden

  • 10% of the unit cost of use (The maximum monthly fee for user burden is set according to payment of welfare service cost for welfare.)

Communication support

We will dispatch sign language interpreters etc. to mediate communication with those who have difficulty in communicating due to hearing impairment or the like.

User burden


Benefit and rent of daily living gear

We will provide benefits or lending equipment for solving difficulties in daily living, expenses for housing renovation, for people with disabilities at home and severely disabled.
  • In October 2006, the business of providing benefits for stoma equipment and disposable diapers shifted from prosthetic gear to daily living gear.

User burden

10% of the base amount (According to the payment of prosthetic equipment expenses, the user's upper limit monthly fee is provided.)

Regional activity support center -

In addition to providing opportunities for creative activities and production activities to residents with disabilities who are difficult to employ and work in the area, we will conduct business such as promoting exchange with society. In the town, we designate NPO Niseko living house as community activity support center and carry out it by consignment.
Facility NameNiseko Town Local Activity Support Center-Niseko Living House
location47 Arishima 47, Niseko Town Abuta-gun
contact information0136-44-1730

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