Use of disability welfare service

From April 2006, the support cost system so far has become a new system by the Disability Personal Autonomy Support Law.
A system in which a person with disabilities selects service contents and business operators / facilities themselves and uses service by contract. In the town, based on the application of the person who wishes to use the service, we decide to pay disability welfare service and part of the expenses necessary for service use (in principle, 10% burden, income / assets We set up the upper limit of monthly charge of user burden).

Flow from application to use

1 Consultation on system use

For those who wish to use the service, please consult the welfare section of the health and welfare section of the office concerning the contents of the service and facilities / business operators.

2 Application for provision of disability welfare service

Once the necessary service is decided, we will apply for the welfare service for disability.

3 Payment of welfare service for welfare service

In the town, investigate the state of disability of the applicant and the situation of the nursing care person (examination of disability degree classification, first judgment, second judgment at the review meeting) and check the status of the service provision system While paying attention to it, we decide to pay disability welfare service and issue a certificate of beneficiary certificate.
Decision content: kind of service
  • Payment period (1-year in-house service, 3-year facility service and group house)
  • Payment amount (in case of home service, number of hours available, number of days)
  • Disability level classification
  • User burden amount (In principle one tenths burden)

4 Application / contract for using services

Those who received the payment decision of benefit consult with the business operator / facility registered by Hokkaido and the standard applicable business operator / facility registered by the town, and after carefully confirming the service contents, I will sign a contract for use.

5 Service utilization

We will use the service based on the contract. The service can be used within a fixed period and amount. After using the service, pay the determined user burden amount to the business operator / facility.


  • Persons with physical, intellectual or mental disabilities
For those who are certified as long-term care insurance, use of long-term care insurance service takes precedence.

Corresponding service

In-house service

Dispatch of home helperA helper will visit your home and will take care of yourself such as housework and nursing care.
Use of short-term accommodationWhen you can not care for a person with physical, intellectual or mental disorders at home, we will take care in a short term facility.
Moving into a groupPeople with intellectual and psychiatric disorders receive assistance such as care of meals, money management, etc. and live together.

Facility service

Entry / place of entry to facilities with disabilities and facilities with intellectual disabilities

There are other services that can be used, so please contact us in charge at any time.

Required for application

Attached document

  • Municipal tax tax exemption / tax exemption certificate (It is necessary for all the households to whom the people to use belong.)
If you have a juminhyo (certificate of residence) Niseko Town January 1 of the year to which the application month belongs, you do not need to submit a certificate of municipal tax or tax exemption by submitting the enclosed “Consent Form”.
  • Copy of juminhyo (certificate of residence) (for all households to which the user belongs)
If you have a juminhyo (certificate of residence) in Niseko Town date of application, you do not need to submit it.
  • Total household of municipal tax tax exempt households and household tax income quota is less than 160,000 yen, and those who use tax reduction system need the following documents together with the above documents.
  • Documents for which you can check the income of the person who uses it (if the user is under 18 years old as a guardian)
  1. Copy of salary income etc withholding slip etc.
  2. Copy of pension income (old age, disability · bereaved family) transfer notice etc.
  3. Welfare allowance for special handicapped / Welfare allowance for disabled children · Special child assistance allowance · Transitional welfare allowance transfer notice
  4. Certificate of employment income such as labor cost
  • Materials that understand income, asset status etc.
Copy of applicant (guardian of handicapped child) and deposit savings bankbook owned by livelihood center (those who understand the latest amount)
Please note that in principle, if you own real estate such as land and buildings other than residential and residential premises, you can not use tax reduction system.

Other necessary items

  • seal
  • Physically handicapped
  • Care book
  • Mental health welfare notebook
  • (People with renewal are welfare service recipient certificate of welfare service)

Payment of prosthetic equipment cost

We aim to improve the daily lives of people with disabilities and pay for delivery and repair of tools to compensate for lost physical functions.
Things necessary for application: medical doctor opinion, seal, pocket diary of handicapped, estimate of accessory equipment
User burden: 10% of the base amount (The user's upper limit monthly fee is set according to income.)

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