Household Refuse (General Waste)

Household garbage was separated into burnable garbage (including sanitary garbage), burnable refuse, garbage, resource garbage, bulky garbage, and other garbage, and it was decided by 8:00 in the morning on the designated collection day Please put it in the garbage station.
Please note that it can not be served with black garbage bags whose contents can not be seen.
In addition, the separation of burnable garbage will be partially changed from March, and separation of sanitary waste will begin newly.
For sorting of sanitary waste and how to separate and dispose of other garbage, refer to the following materials.
Classification and typeCollection frequencyHow to put outburdenRemarks
Burnable garbage (including hygiene garbage)Once a weekDesignated bagTollHygiene garbage: disposable diapers, sanitary products, pet sheets
Burnable garbageTwice a month-
Raw garbageTwice a week-
Resource garbage容器包装empty canOnce a week透明袋freeSteel · Aluminum
Vacant spotFor beverages
Paper packBonded with stringThose whose inside is not aluminum processed
Corrugated board-
PET bottles透明袋-
White trayMade of foamed styrole
Other plastic containers and packaging-
Other paper container packaging-
used paperNewspaper / leafletBonded with stringMixable for newspaper leaflets
Mixpaper -Underlining white paper bag-
Hazardous garbage (mercury inclusion)Once a month (last garbage collection day of the month)透明袋freeFluorescent tube · mercury thermometer
Other garbage (Waste dry batteries · Writer -) Waste dry battery, writer -
Coarse (large) garbageAt any time-TollIndividual collection by private licensee

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