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For Kindergarten
  • Application for education and childcare benefits, Yoji Center entrance
  •  子どものための教育・保育給付等支給認定現況届
  •  子どものための教育・保育給付等認定変更申請書
  • Job application form (for those seeking a job)
  • Petition to the effect that childcare is required (pregnancy, childbirth, illness, or other reasons)
  •  育児休業証明書(育児休業後に現職に復帰される方※就労証明書と併せて提出して下さい。)
For children
  • Children's Hall Usage Application Form
  • Notification of cancellation of use of the Children's Hall
  • Job application form (for those seeking a job)
  • Petition (if employment contract is expected)
Common style
  • Employment certificate (employed by a company, self-employed, sole proprietor, internal occupation)
  •  農業従事者証明書・農業従事者営農拠点調べ(農業者の方)※証明印が必要です


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