Central warehouse group free rental

* At that time, we ask you to join the members of the Central Warehouse Group.
In addition, when using it, please check the cooperation request and usage restrictions that may be set as described in the following link "Operation status of town-owned facilities".
Also, on this occasion, we will explain the rules and cancellation policy for many townspeople and businesses in the town, take measures to prevent infectious diseases such as ventilation and measures to prevent users from becoming overcrowded, event sponsorship Please contact us for details as there are confirmation items such as the preparation and storage of the user list by the person.
It can be used for inventory disposal sales, exhibitions/business meetings, telework (individuals), etc. Please feel free to contact us.

* So far, it has been used for concerts, movie screenings, study sessions where townspeople gather, health promotion classes, etc.

Target Company: Niseko Town people, neighborhood businesses
*Even if the applicant is above, it is not applicable if the actual event implementation/management is outside the town.
In this case, it will be a normal paid rental building.
Target facilities: Old starch factory, No. 1 warehouse, open space
Target contents: As usual for the rental hall (no special restrictions due to free rental).
*However, it is limited to those who can prevent infection spread by the organizer/user
問  合  先:ニセコ中央倉庫群 電話0136-55-5538

During the free rental period, you can continue to use free spaces such as cafes, kids spaces, and open spaces as usual, so please feel free to drop in.

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