Implementation of extraordinary special benefits for households exempt from residence tax

System overview

As the effects of the COVID-19 continue for a long time, 100,000 yen per household will be charged to households exempt from residence tax so that people facing various difficulties can promptly receive support for their lives and livelihoods. I will provide it.

Households eligible for payment



 ・ 年収見込額とは、令和4年1月以降の任意の1か月の収入を12倍した額をいいます
<Example> (1) Households of tax-exempt parents who are dependent on children who are subject to residence tax
(2) Single-person households of tax-exempt college students who are dependent on parents who are subject to residence tax
Tax exemption equivalent (in the case of salary income)
* This is just a guide.
Family composition exampleTax exemption limit (based on income)Tax exemption limit (income basis)
If you are alone or have no dependents93.0万円未満38.0万円未満
If you are dependent on your spouse or relatives (1 person in total)137.8万円未満82.8万円未満
If you are dependent on your spouse or relatives (2 in total)168.4万円未満110.8万円未満
If you are dependent on your spouse or relatives (3 in total)210.0万円未満138.8万円未満
If you are dependent on your spouse or relatives (4 people in total)250.0万円未満166.8万円未満
For people with disabilities, widows, single parents, minors204.4万円未満135.0万円未満

Payment amount

100,000 yen per household.

Schedule (planned)


2. Households with sudden changes in household budget
February 14th (Monday) -September 30th (Friday): Application acceptance
After late February: After the "application form" arrives in the town, it will be transferred to your account in sequence.

Procedure method

1. Resident tax exempt households
(1) A "confirmation letter" will be sent from Niseko Town to the head of the household that is expected to be eligible to confirm the willingness to receive the benefits.
・ As a general rule, the confirmation letter will be sent to the place of residence registration. If you are absent from a hospital or facility, such as while you are in the hospital or facility
Please complete the procedures such as mail forwarding.
・ If you move your juminhyo (certificate of residence) after the day after the reference date, we will send it to your new address.
  * If you do not receive the "confirmation letter", please contact us.
(2) Please check or sign the designated fields on the confirmation letter.
・ Effective postmark on the day
・ Copy of identity verification documents
* If you are changing from the transfer account printed on the confirmation, or if the transfer account is not printed, the confirmation
In addition, please mail the identity verification documents and the transfer account verification documents together.
・ Identity verification documents: driver's license, health insurance card, medical insurance card for the elderly, long-term care insurance card,
Pension certificate, residence card, disability certificate, nursing certificate, certificate of welfare benefits,
One copy of my number card (front side) etc.
・ Transfer account confirmation documents: passbook, cash card, etc.
Knowing the financial institution name (including branch name or branch code), account type, and account number
One copy of
2. Households with sudden changes in household budget
・ Copy of identity verification documents
   (3)申請書および記載例 ※令和4年分の申請書につきましては現在、準備中です。

Application deadline

令和4年9月30日(金) (消印有効)まで

Payment time

As a guide, 2-3 weeks after the date when the government office receives the confirmation or application form.


Requirements for those who did not receive information, those who have evacuated due to DV damage, and those who are not recorded in the Basic Resident Register of any municipality on the reference date (December 10, 2021) You can apply if you meet the above conditions. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Cabinet Office Call Center

For general inquiries regarding the benefit system, please use the call center of the Cabinet Office below.
Phone number: 0120-526-145
Reception hours: 9:00 am to 8:00 pm
Please also check the Cabinet Office website below for the details of the system.

Beware of scams disguised as benefits

We may make inquiries from Niseko Town, but we will never ask you to operate an ATM (automated teller machine) or ask for a fee for payment. If you receive a suspicious call, please contact the town or police immediately.

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