Owned facilities management situation

【Town Planning Center】

Please be sure to measure your body temperature with the "automatic thermometer" before the reception.
・ Please create and keep a "user list" that includes the user's body temperature.
* Please keep it in a safe place as we may check it at a later date.
・ Check your physical condition and prevention using the "Infection Prevention Checklist".
* Wearing a mask, washing hands diligently, checking your physical condition, being careful about ventilation, sufficient space between people, cough etiquette, etc.
・ Disinfect the items (desks, chairs, equipment, etc.) touched in the "sterilization set".
・ Please cooperate with the actions in line with the request from Hokkaido for infection prevention measures.
In addition, it may be changed depending on the future situation.


〈お問い合わせ先:町民センター:TEL0136-44-2221 町民生活課:TEL0136-44-2121〉 

[Learning Exchange Center (Play)]《Use with some restrictions》
Please cooperate as follows when using it.
・The duration of stay in the building is approximately one hour or less.
・ Computers in the facility cannot be used.
・The layout of reading tables and chairs is restricted.
* When you enter the museum, please cooperate with the measures to prevent the COVID-19

<お問い合わせ先:教育委員会町民学習課 TEL 0136-44-2034 あそぶっく TEL 0136-43-2155>
【Integrated Gymnasium】《Use with some restrictions》


<お問い合わせ先:教育委員会町民学習課 TEL 0136-44-2034>
【Arishima Memorial Hall】  《通常開館》


 有島記念館ホームページ(下記リンク先)、またはお電話(下記電話番号)にて ご確認ください。

<お問い合わせ先:教育委員会町民学習課 TEL 0136-44-2034 有島記念館 TEL 0136-44-3245>
【運動公園野球場・パークゴルフ場】    《2021年の利用は終了しました》

<お問い合わせ先:教育委員会町民学習課 TEL 0136-44-2034>
【テニスコート】     《2021年の利用は終了しました》


<お問い合わせ先:教育委員会町民学習課 TEL 0136-44-2034>
[Swimming pool]《2021年の利用は終了しました》


<お問い合わせ先:教育委員会町民学習課 TEL 0136-44-2034>
【Central warehouse group】《Use with some restrictions》
General use:Normal business
Use of rental building: We may refuse to rent the building depending on the content of use in order to prevent infectious diseases such as controlling the flow of people.
Please consult and confirm when making a rental reservation.
* Please note that the period and contents may change depending on the future situation.

We ask for your cooperation as follows as a countermeasure against the COVID-19
◆ Users are requested to take thorough measures against infectious diseases such as cough etiquette and wearing masks.
◆If there are many facility users, we may refuse the use (entry).
◆As a facility, users can participate in the "Hokkaido Corona Notification System" and register and use it arbitrarily.
For details on the "Hokkaido Corona Notification System", please see the following Hokkaido website.
<お問い合わせ:中央倉庫群 TEL:0136-55-5538>
◇無料貸し出しはUntil March 31, 2022
For details, please see the following page.
【ニセコ駅前温泉 綺羅乃湯】 《通常営業》
◆ We will operate while implementing thorough infection prevention measures, so please understand and cooperate with the following.
1. Please wear a mask thoroughly.
2. Please refrain from talking without a mask in the hall.
3. In order to avoid denseness, bathing restrictions may be enforced.
4. A partition plate is installed in the washing area.
5. Please make sure to have a silent bath and a silent sauna.
6. Provide regular ventilation.
<お問い合わせ:ニセコ駅前温泉 綺羅乃湯 TEL:0136-44-1100>
【道の駅 ニセコビュープラザ 】《通常営業》
◆ Please wear a mask and thoroughly disinfect and measure the temperature.
<お問い合わせ先:こども未来課こどもみらい係 TEL0136-44-2700>
◆ Camping in the park (construction of tents and tarps including day camps)
◆ Prohibition of barbecue and bonfire (use of all flames such as bonfire and open flame)
◆ Prohibition of staying in a car (staying in a car by a camper etc. and occupying a parking lot)
<お問い合わせ先:ニセコ町役場都市建設課管理係 TEL0136-44-2121>
<お問い合わせ先:ニセコ町役場都市建設課管理係 TEL0136-44-2121>
【五色温泉インフォメーションセンター 】《冬期閉館中》
<お問い合わせ先:ニセコ町役場商工観光課商工観光係 TEL0136-44-2121>
★ We apologize for the inconvenience, and ask for your understanding and cooperation from the perspective of "Priority Measures for Prevention of COVID-19

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