Public information Niseko August issue [No. 676]

It is comfortable to swim in the pool. (At child class center pool lesson)

【Special Feature】
Niseko Town Development and SDGs ~ Sustainable Development Goals ~
【Machizukuri Information Office】
We will inform you about the circumstances such as salary of town employees in FY2007
Please use Niseko Central Warehouse Group
Front pageIt is comfortable to swim in the pool. One picture in pool class at early childhood center
1~4Feature /Niseko Town Town Development and SGDs -Sustainable Development Goals-
5~8Town development information room / We will inform you about the situation such as salary of town employee in Heisei era / Please use Niseko central warehouse group
9~10Topic of town / Aquatic insect observation board / Hometown air walk etc.
11~14Everybody's page / Ashitokodayori / Konko-ko Square / Komyu Hitori
15~21Lifestyle information / Notice of blood donation / We hold an elders' association and others
22Town calendar
Back coverPhoto album of this month

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