Public information Niseko February issue [No.682]


New adults who participated in Niseko town ceremony in 2019

February 2019 issue
【Special Feature】
Town development in Niseko town and SDGs ~ Make NISEKO life · model district ~
【Machizukuri Information Office】
Town development lecture meeting held
Front pageAdult ceremony in 2019
1~8Feature article - Town development and NGO in Niseko town - SDGs ~ NISEKO Living · Model area created -
9~10Town development information room / town planning inauguration meeting was held
11~12Topic of town / Niseko town ceremony / child sightseeing map completed / others
13~16Everybody's page / Ashitokodayori / Konko-ko Square / Komyu Hitori
17~21Information of life / recruitment for children's hall supporters / SDF employment examination / others
22Town calendar
Back coverYou are shining, this person No.179

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