Public information Niseko June issue [No. 674]

Cover page: It's swing fun. Elementary school excursion.

【Special Feature】
I want to know more Hokkaido International School / Niseko School
【Machizukuri Information Office】
Financial situation in Heisei era fiscal year (the second half)
Front pageIt's swing fun. Elementary school excursion.
1~8Special feature / want to know International school · Niseko school
9~10Town development information room / Heisei era fiscal year fiscal situation (second half)
11~12Topic of town / Award ceremony of Physical Education Association / Opening of Susumu University and others
13~16Everybody's page / Ashitokodayori / Konko-ko Square / Komyu Hitori
17~25Life information / Let's pay attention to on-the-car / The tax rate of the National Health Insurance tax for Heisei 30 is decided
26Town calendar
Back coverPhoto album of this month

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