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Events in Niseko Town

Tanabata evening Fireworks Display

An event organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Youth Department. It was started to give children memories of summer, and now it is an eagerly awaited event.

Fureai Townspeople's Athletics Meet

The neighbourhood associations recreational event. A place to foster a sense of local community.

Niseko Marathon Festival

Work up a sweat in the Niseko wilderness.

Flower flowering information

Please contact the Niseko Resort Tourist Association to find out when flowers such as katakuri, cherry blossoms, potatoes and sunflowers, etc. are blooming.

Information on Goshiki Onsen District

Information by Goshiki Hot Spring Information Center Staff. (Updated from June to October of the opening period)

Niseko's new way to enjoy

Niseko's wind, scent, sound, temperature, feel ... ... It can not be enjoyed in a car. If you come to Niseko with a great deal, leave a little bit of car, how about an environmentally friendly ECO sightseeing?

Walk on the foot path

Rediscovering hidden Niseko while feeling nature!

Public facilities in Niseko Town

photo "Hometown view point"


Hometown view point 1

One of the unknown sight-seeing spots in Niseko Town specified by the Niseko Town Landscape Ordinance. Please try to find the same angle.

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