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Demand bus "Nice to stop BUS"

One bus ride with a 200 yen (fixed amount) bus. Unlike general buses, we decide the route by reservation in advance and operate it.

Niseko Buss Corporation

We operate lines such as Niseko - Kutchan - Otaru, Niseko - Lantern.

Donan Bus Co., Ltd.

Kutchan - Niseko - Makkari - It runs the route towards Rusutsu.

Internet environment

For details, NTT East - Hokkaido Tel: 0120 - 116 - 116

Ultra high speed optical line

October 15, 2008 ~
Fujimi · Honmon · Chuo Tong · Motomachi · Arishima · Kondo · Satomi · Bucheon · Toyuri · Yotei · Part of each area started.
Soga, Niseko, Higashiyama A part of the area has been improved.


A part of the area not covered by the ultra high speed optical line has been prepared.

Shopping · meal in Niseko town

Niseko Machi Chamber of Commerce

Each shop in Niseko town and a restaurant list.

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