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Demand bus "Nikotto Bus"

One bus ride with a 200 yen (fixed amount) bus. Unlike general buses, we decide the route by reservation in advance and operate it.

Niseko Bus Corporation

We operate lines such as Niseko - Kutchan - Otaru, Niseko - Lantern.

Donan Bus Co., Ltd.

Kutchan - Niseko - Makkari - It runs the route towards Rusutsu.

Internet environment

For details, NTT East - Hokkaido Tel: 0120 - 116 - 116

Ultra high speed optical line

October 15, 2008 ~
Fujimi · Honmon · Chuo Tong · Motomachi · Arishima · Kondo · Satomi · Bucheon · Toyuri · Yotei · Part of each area started.
Soga, Niseko, Higashiyama A part of the area has been improved.


A part of the area not covered by the ultra high speed optical line has been prepared.

Shopping and dining in Niseko Town

Niseko Town Chamber of Commerce

Niseko Town and each shop in, restaurants list.

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