Community planning society

* Although it was planned as follows, it will be canceled to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection.
At the community development meeting, the town mayor and the section manager in charge will intervene at the venue of each district, we will inform you about the problems that the town is having and we will ask your opinions and requests. We will make use of opinions and requests received for town planning and budget creation.
In this fiscal year, we will hold a town development lecture meeting on the following schedule. In addition to this schedule, please feel free to contact the Planning & Environment Division if you wish to organize a roundtable meeting, such as when a group of circles or a group of neighborhood associations gather. Adjust the schedule with the mayor, I will bother you.


2020 (Reiwa 2) fiscal year town development round-table conference schedule (cancelled)

1Saturday, November 1418:00Motomachi Community Center
2Wednesday, November 2510:00Townspeople center small hall (mainly child-rearing generation)
3Wednesday, November 2518:00Miyata Meeting place
4Thursday, November 26
Date; 26th November 2020
Time; 18:00
Townsman Center Large Hall (city area) (for foreign residents)
English interpreter by international exchange staff
English interpriting provided by the Niseko Coodinator of International Relations.
Location; Niseko Chomin Center Training Room 1
5Friday, November 2714:00Fukui District Community Center
6Friday, November 2718:00Chuo Federation Neighborhood Association Community Center
7November 30th (Monday)18:30Satomi area community center
8December 1st (Tuesday)18:00Nishitomi Town Center
9Wednesday, December 218:00Soga Activity Center (Seikatsuka Center)
10Thursday, December 318:00Kondo Regional Community Center
11December 4th (Friday)18:00Arizeka Kinki Kaikan
12Saturday, December 519:00Niseko Community Center

Opinions at the conference

The result of the community planning roundtable is announced at "publicity Niseko".
2019 of the result is "public relations Niseko" 2020 have been published in the February issue of "town planning information room".

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