Public Relations Niseko February issue [No. 742]

【Special Feature】
~Mini course unique to Niseko~Adult Niseko exploration!
Front page34 people who attended the 20-year-old gathering in 2020. I look forward to the continued success of all of you who will be responsible for the future.
1~4Special feature/~Mini course unique to Niseko~Exploring Niseko for adults!
5~10Town Development Information Room/Town Development Council/6th Comprehensive Plan/3rd Niseko Town Environmental Basic Plan
11~12Town topics/Reiwa 6th 20-year-old gathering, 2023 children's council, Niseko Town DX fellow commission
13~18Everyone's Page/Play Book News/Next-door Cooperation Team/Smiling Square/Community/One-bite Health Memo
19~25Living information/Receipt of tax returns/Survey of residents regarding tourism/Concert by the town's band "Oke Niseko"
26Town calendar
Back coverThis person is shining / This month's photo album

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