Congressional work

What is a town council?

The town council is the institution that represents the townspeople.
Regular meetingIt is held four times a year by ordinance. Holding month: March, June, September, December
Extraordinary partyIt will be held when necessary

Town assembly work

The task of the town council is given much authority by the law (local autonomy law).
The main ones are as follows.
Decide the ordinance, amend.Voting rights
Determine the budget.Voting rights
Review the contents of the accounts.Voting rights
Sign an important contract.Voting rights
We decide what other laws prescribe.Voting rights
Decide on the chairperson, vice chairman, election commissioner, etc.Voting rights
I investigate and inspect whether the work of the town is done correctly.Survey right / inspection right
For the public interest of the town, submit a written opinion to the country / way etc.Permission to submit opinion

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