How to operate the plenary session

Conference time10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Request attendance requestPrepare documents in advance.
AgendaDistribute on the day as a document
Distribution of agendaDistributed approximately one week before (extraordinary assembly is the same day)
General questionsNotification deadline until 9:30 am the next day after the regular meeting
Administrative reportI report every time at regular meetings and I do not approve questions.
Question1 Agenda 3 times
Deliberate on billsMain conference-centricism, petition / petition is committed to committee in principle
Establish a special committee for initial budget and settlement accounting
ProceedingsFull text record
Council pressDistributed to the whole town every 4 times a year for each regular meeting
The term of office of the Chair and Vice-Chair4 years

Congressional hearing

  • Everyone can attend the congress and committee of Congress. The floor is on the 2nd floor of the office.
  • Procedures for listening are simply to fill out the address, name and age in the listener's attendance at the Council Secretariat (2nd Floor). The number of people who are to be listened to is 15 people and it is in order of arrival.
  • Furthermore, you can not listen to people who are carrying alcohol, loudspeakers, recording machines and so on. We can not do other acts that would interfere with other proceedings.

Petition / petition

  • Everyone can petition and petition when there is a demand for the country, the road, the town. (The petition requires an informative legislator.)
  • The petitions / petitions accepted by Congress are referred to the committee concerned and carefully deliberated and decided to adopt / not adopt at the plenary. Petition and petition by post will be based on the distribution of materials in principle.
  • Those adopted will send an opinion letter etc. to the related enforcement agencies (country, road, town, etc.).

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