How to operate the plenary session

Conference time午前10時から午後5時まで
Request attendance requestPrepare documents in advance.
AgendaDistribute on the day as a document
Distribution of agendaDistributed approximately one week before (extraordinary assembly is the same day)
General questions通告期限は毎定例会開会日の正午まで
行政報告I report every time at regular meetings and I do not approve questions.
Question1 Agenda 3 times
Deliberate on billsMain conference-centricism, petition / petition is committed to committee in principle
Establish a special committee for initial budget and settlement accounting
ProceedingsFull text record
Council press議会だより(定例会ごとに年4回、町内全戸に配布)、動画配信
The term of office of the Chair and Vice-Chair4年

Congressional hearing

  • 議会の本会議・委員会はどなたでも傍聴することができます。議場(町民ホール)は庁舎3階にあります。
  • 傍聴の手続きは、議会事務局(3階)にある傍聴人受付票に住所・氏名及び年齢を記入するだけです。傍聴される方の定員は15人で先着順となっております。
  • Furthermore, you can not listen to people who are carrying alcohol, loudspeakers, recording machines and so on. We can not do other acts that would interfere with other proceedings.

Petition / petition

  • Everyone can petition and petition when there is a demand for the country, the road, the town. (The petition requires an informative legislator.)
  • The petitions / petitions accepted by Congress are referred to the committee concerned and carefully deliberated and decided to adopt / not adopt at the plenary. Petition and petition by post will be based on the distribution of materials in principle.
  • Those adopted will send an opinion letter etc. to the related enforcement agencies (country, road, town, etc.).

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