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Swearing under the basic regulations of community development

On the oath on Niseko town based on the Basic Ordinance

In the 5th Niseko town council regular meeting in Heisei 29, we will take an oath in taking office of Niseko mayor based on the provisions of Article 26, Paragraph 1 of the Niseko Machi Town Planning Ordinance.


I will comply with the Constitution of Japan, firmly defend "basic human rights", and strive to secure 'life rights' and 'public welfare'.
At the same time, based on the spirit of "self-government of local residents" that was followed by the "Niseko Machi Town Development Ordinance", in order to realize "Niseko town where town people are hopeful and can live with peace of mind," in order to realize "social justice" With penetration in mind, we pledge to fulfill our duties in good faith, with "fair" and "philosophy of mutual aid" without postponing the task.

December 13, Heisei 29
Kenya Katayama, Niseko Machi town

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