Outline of events in Niseko Town

Kira Kaido


1895Meiji 28 Honjo's first immigrants, Mr. Kiyonaga, Mr. Iwakami Seven and others will enter Nishitomi.
1896Meiji 2912Matsuoka Yoshigoro, led by 142 immigrants. (Matsuoka Farm)
1897Meiji 305As a first educational facility in Honcho it can be a simple educational institution on the Kondo farm.
7It is divided from Abuta Village and enters the area of ​​Makkari village (present Rusutsu village).
1899Meiji 327Takeshi Arijima receives a loan of 900,000 tsubo in the name of Naomi Yamamoto. (Arishima Farm)
1900Meiji 334Yoshikawa Ginnojyo, from Ishikari Horoda to enter Arima farm with four peasants. Around this time, the Matsuoka farm mostly cleared up and became a near-field farm.
9From Motomachi to Kutchan (13.7 km) Road construction started.
1901Meiji 34 Kombu, Kutchan start national road construction work.
11Divide independence from Makkari village, take Makkari village character Makkuta Kota Kota and place the town manager office in Motomachi, named Kanta village. (Original village chief Murakami Motoharu)
12Katata post office opening. (Director, Kentaro Fukai) You can step down to Motomachi and Nishitomi.
1902Meiji 351Yoshiyuki Samura and Yoshikawa Ginnozo were elected to the general village people.
4You can play theaters in Motomachi.
10The village doctor, Kiichiro Yamasaki was taken. Kota Daiichi Elementary School (now Kondo Elementary School) opened. 60 students. You can go to the Shiribetsu River (Kawakita - city). People 2 sen. Horse 5 sen.
1903Meiji 364Rubeshbe (Miyata) is about 4 rice paddy rice paddy field trial.
5Opened Nisekoan Simplified Education Facility attached to Kutchan Fourth Junior Elementary School. (Former Soga Elementary School)
7Establishment of Kanta police branch office, Eitaro Omura.
1904Meiji 37 Matsuoka Kozo, 700 company tsubo dedicated to the shrine dedicated. (Beginning of Kota shrine)
5Katora Second Elementary School opened. (Now Miyata Elementary School)
10Opening of Hakodate Railway. (Current Hakodate main line, between Hakodate and Otaru)
1905Meiji 383Kanta village inspection office can be located.
4Move the doors to the new city. Opened Fujiyama Special Education Office attached to Kutchan Fourth Junior Elementary School. (Fujiyama elementary school predecessor)
5Hakuta Third Rule Elementary School opened. (Fukui elementary school)
12Opened at Karita Elementary School New Town. (Current farmers' cooperation location, now Niseko elementary school)
1906Meiji 394Second grade municipal system is implemented. First village mayor, Mr. Nishimura (15 villages)
11Rubeshbe (Miyata) youth meeting can be done. (President, Kaji Takashiro, the beginning of the youth society)
1907Meiji 405Start Tomizuka Kyuhei, Manufacturing Facility.
8Emperor Hemp Co., Ltd. Katora plant started operation. (The factory was closed in Taisho era.)
11Soga Youth Association can do. From the kelp to Nishitomi, the road opening to Valesabe Village through Keihodai.
1908Meiji 417Mt. Yotei, burn for 5 days.
10Mr. Hashimoto, start a water mill at Nagasakawa.
1909Meiji 425You can fire-fighting group.
1910Meiji 433Nisekoan (Niseko, Soga) is annexed from Kutchan village to Kanta village.
5Motomachi Post Office is made.
1911Meiji 44 It is possible to branch Shushushi Bank. (Later bank branch after)


1913Taisho 2 Great crops
1914Taisho 34Takeshi Arishima, purchases Samura farm and becomes the second Arijima farm.
7Grass horse racing held in the old city.
1915Taisho 44Established Kanta Chamber of Commerce.
6Construction and unveiling ceremony of Tadashima monument.
1917Taisho 6 In the vicinity of the Moriya shop you can do theater Asahi. (Burned down in January 1964)
Move to iron ore mining at the Kondo farm. (Operated for 2 years)
1918Taisho 7 Kota, a Riding carriage between Rusutsu.
3Open the phone to the city area.
1920Taisho 93Kota village youth organization can do. (16 branches)
1921Taisho 107Oji Paper Industry Co., Ltd. Shimobetsu Daiichi Power Plant completed.
1922Taisho 116Take 2 Avenue donated by Arishima as a ground. (Niseko elementary school ground now)
7Arishima Takeo, collecting peasants at meeting places, and "Declaration of Farm Liberation Declaration" of 450 town walking.
9Formed a virgin Miyata Rubeshibe. (Beginning of activity of female youth group)
1923Taisho 12 Dairy farming began in Toyosato, Motomachi, Arijima from this year.
1924Taisho 138Arishima Farm Liberation Monument Established.
1925Taisho 144From Kanbetsu village (present Toyoura Town), Konbu Middle, Yanagiwazawa, Katsura no Kaze is divided and merged into Kanta village. Kanta, Rusutsu 5 - seater passenger car. The predecessor of the Kita Fuji car company. (Absorbed by Donan Bus in Showa 18)
1926Taisho 1511The second prince power plant was completed.


1927Showa 22Private Prince Second Elementary School opened. (Became a public prince elementary school in 1964)
1928Showa 33He came to Niseko Highness Prince Chichibu.
11Kadota Credit Purchasing Sales Used Association was founded. (Dissolution by the life of January 1, 1945)
1929Showa 411Established Hokkaido made dairy sales association Kanta factory. (Snow Brand Milk Products Co., Ltd.'s predecessor to the Kanta factory)
1931Showa 6 Great crops
12Karita Village Hospital opened.
1933Showa 88Village's crest sign announcement.
9Established Kanta Commercial Association. (Dissolved on January 27, 1954)
1934Showa 91Complete the whole Kakuta High School General Elementary School.
1936Showa 119His Highness Princess Chichibu.
1937Showa 124Character number revision.
Kanta, Makku colonial orbit operation started. (Canceled operation in August 1958, abolished in 28 years)
1939Showa 1412You can use Kotobuki production hatachi hatchery place. (Abolished in June 1965)
1940Showa 15 Mining mining of the Imai mine iron ore in Niseko. (Closing with the end of the war)
11Hokkaido Electric Power Co., Ltd.
1941Showa 169Shioshi Starch Manufacturing Co., Ltd. established.
1943Showa 18 Kota, Rusuto-komichi south bus operated.
11We will set up rural lighting facilities for the first time at Nishiyama Buraku.
1944Showa 195You can make Kanta saw mill.
10Kota Earthquake Manufactory Founded.
1946Showa 215Promote from special guidance village to ordinary village.
12Agricultural land reform begins.
1947Showa 224Katsura elementary school waste school.
5Junior, Kondo, Fukui and Katsura middle schools opened by school reform.
1948Showa 233Kota agricultural cooperative association establishment establishment. Established Kota agricultural mutual aid association.
8Karita Village Pioneering Agricultural Cooperative Association established. (Dissolved in December 1954)
10Katata High School opened. (As Kutchan agricultural high school Kota branch)
1949Showa 243Takamatsuomiya and Mikasa Palace visited Niseko.
1950Showa 254Shinki Shinkin Bank Kota branch.
5Mt. Yotei is designated as a national park. (Shikotsu Toya National Park)
8"Niseko" is designated as Takashi Park.
9Town regulation will be enforced. (First Mayor, Tohru Suzuki)
Together with the commemoration ceremony of 50th anniversary of Omura.
1951Showa 267Kanta, Kutchan interchange south bus service.
9Excavate the Stone Circle of the University of Tokyo, Dr. Kazuo Komai a line, Takidai, Hokuei.
1954Showa 297Takugin Kota branch will be renamed the Doshu Branch. (Closed in November 1964)
8Emperor, Empress Empress Goryo Town. (2 night's stay at sightseeing hotel, school yard at Kobatachi Karita elementary school)
1955Showa 302Kata start wired broadcasting.
1956Showa 315Snow Brand Milk Co., Ltd. Kanta factory is completed. (Closed in March 1977)
1957Showa 325Arishima farm management office burn down.
7Kota-cho physical education association can do.
1958Showa 3311Niseko Kelp Onsen, Niseko Gokura Onsenbo Nationwide Recreation Hot Spring Area.
1959Showa 347Kanta-machi official recognition ground completed. (300m per lap)
1960Showa 3510He built a newly built National Health Insurance Hospital. (Abolished March of 1964)
11Promotion of simple water supply facilities in downtown area. Kanta Town History published.
1961Showa 363Oji elementary school, absorbed into Kanta elementary school.
1963Showa 387Niseko mountain range, Niseko Shakotan Otaru Coast National Park is designated.
1964Showa 398Completion of public hall.
10"Karimachi" is renamed to "Niseko Town".
1966Showa 417The townspeople gymnasium completed.
12Opened the Pacific Club Niseko Moiwa International Ski Area.
 Cable broadcasting telephone facility opened, call started.
1967Showa 424Middle school integration in town. (Kondo, Fukui, Niseko middle school each)
6Government building New Government building completed.
7Celebration ceremony commemorating the 70th anniversary of opening.
1968Showa 433Soga elementary school and Niseko elementary school.
4Rename the station name, "Kota station" to "Niseko station".
5Town established.
1969Showa 448Integrated Niseko Junior High School building completed. (Three-year Plan)
1971Showa 463It is designated as a depopulating area municipality.
1972Showa 472Niseko Town promotion public corporation is established. (July 1973 Niseko Town Land Development Corporation.)
8National Reservation Center Fuyo-so completed.
9Town-owned Makino was completed.
10Town nurseries completed.
11Opened Niseko Annupuri International Ski Resort.
1973Showa 4811Established "People's Charter" and "Niseko Town Song".
1974Showa 499Niseko Town people Center completed.
1976Showa 513Niseko, Rinkoshi cho school union dissolution. (Katsura Junior High School Discontinued School)
9Completed the new firefighting building.
1978Showa 532New Arisama Memorial Museum completed.
8Niseko Town establishes Makino town sister city partnership.
10Rural information liaison facility broadcast broadcasting radio station.
1979Showa 544Town tree "Shirakaba" is determined.
1980Showa 552Completed Niseko Town Gymnasium.
11Weatherproof tennis court (2 faces) completed.
1981Showa 562Fujiyama elementary school, Niseko elementary school absorption integrated.
1080th anniversary celebration opening ceremony, total gymnasium inauguration ceremony.
11"Niseko Ikoi no Mura" opened.
1982Showa 573Published Niseko Town History. Niseko Town New Comprehensive Plan formulated.
12Higashiyama ski area, Higashiyama Prince Hotel Open. Niseko elementary school new school building completed.
1983Showa 586Planning for soil for 10 years started.
1984Showa 592Declaration of Independence of the Republic of the Potato.
11Town Niseko kindergarten completed.
1985Showa 603We have a sister city alliance with Shinshin New Town.
7Makino, Niseko station sister station tie - up tie - up.
11Commemorative ceremony commemorating the 80th anniversary of Niseko elementary school opening.
12A special nursing home for the elderly "Niseko Heights" was completed.
1987Showa 6211Arisima Memorial Park · Suffolk Ranch completed.
1988Showa 632Spring springs out by the Annupuri geothermal development project.
12The ski train "Niseko Express" started operation.


1989Heisei Yu6Niseko Town intensive pasture (Kurokawa) opened. Arishima Culture Center opened.
1025th anniversary of the revision of the town name, ceremony to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the enforcement of the town regime.
1990Heisei 21Heisei Fuji beauty prize winner prize.
3Fukui elementary school closed.
5SLC62 Niseko issue, Otaru Niseko navigation service. (Canceled operation in Heisei 7)
8Niseko Town Sports Park baseball stadium opened.
"Niseko Akasaka fellow" is designated as a town intangible ethnic cultural asset.
11Miyata Elementary School New School Building completed.
1991Heisei 310Celebration of the 90th anniversary of Niseko Town.
Lavender to the flower of the town, Akagera for the bird is enacted.
12Niseko high school new school building completed. Niseko heliport completed.
1992Heisei 412Operation of office communication started. Kondo Elementary School New School Building completed.
1994Heisei 69Niseko Town Sports Park completed.
11The Niseko Ohashi completed.
12The sheep housing complex (72 buildings in 8 houses) was completed.
1995Heisei 73Arisima Art Gallery completed.
4My Way Awarod business starts construction
8Urban district Sewerage construction started.
10Central hot spring geothermal development project re-examination spurt out hot springs.
12Soga Forest Park completed.
1996Heisei 81Sogo area simple water supply completion completed.
4Niseko Kirara Road town development project start business.
12Nozomi Complex (20 buildings in 2 buildings) completed.
1997Heisei 93Dispatch center home care support center completed.
3New construction work completed at Niseko clinic.
5The road station "Niseko View Plaza" opened.
8Construction of urban district sewage treatment facility construction.
11Awarded by the self-governing ministry commemorating the 50th anniversary of the enactment of local autonomy law
1998Heisei 102Kira Complex (20 buildings in 2 buildings) completed.
2Received the Mainichi Shimbun Local Autonomous Award Encouragement Prize.
1999Heisei 114Niseko Town Information Disclosure Ordinance and Niseko Town Personal Information Protection Ordinance are enforced.
2000Heisei 1210Urban district Sewerage service started.
2001Heisei 134Niseko Town Basic Regulations of Community Development came into effect.
6Kirara no yu is completed.
10Niseko Town 100th anniversary ceremony.
2002Heisei 142Roadside Iwanai Toya Line widening construction completed.
4Town bus service bus "Fureai shuttle" started operation.
6Niseko Flower Festa Kirara Route Hosted.
9Commemorative ceremony commemorating the 100th anniversary of Kondo elementary school opening.
10Start garbage fee charging.
12Completion of final waste disposal site.
12Compost center completed.
2003Heisei 154Opening learning exchange center "Asobuku" opened.
9Kutchan-cho and Niseko Town merger councils established.
11Commemorative ceremony commemorating the 100th anniversary of Miyata Elementary School opening.
2004Heisei 166Fukui District Simplified Water Use Start.
9Sewerage (agricultural settlement drainage facility) will be available in Nishitomi area.
10Niseko Town Landscape Ordinance Enforced
12Started high-speed communication service by optical fiber in character Soga · Niseko · Higashiyama area.
2005Heisei 1710Commemorative ceremony commemorating the 100th anniversary of Niseko elementary school opening.
12Rankoshi-cho, Niseko Town, Makkari-mura, Kimobetsu-cho, Kutchan-cho merger association dissolution.
2006Heisei 182Daisuke Yoshioka from Niseko Town participates in the Turin Olympic Ski Alpine Competition.
3Miyata Elementary School closed.
20072007Niseko Town Infant Center "Kiratto" opened.
2008Heisei 205Town circulation bus "contact opening shuttle" bicycle start loading outside the car (first nationwide)
7Hokkaido Toyako Summit was held.
10Fujimi · Honsu · Chuo Tong · Motomachi · Arishima · Kondo · Satomi · Bucheon · Toyuri · Yousei start high-speed communication service by optical fiber.
2009Heisei 213A quasi-city planning area is designated at the foot of Annupuri.
8New school lunch center operation started.
2010Heisei 225Completion of a new logo in Niseko Town.
6A local consumer affairs consultation counter has been set up at the Niseko Town Office.
2011Heisei 232Kuni Kondo · Yousei · Satomi · Miyada · Bucheon · Kurokawa · Fukui · Nishigomi · Keihodai started high-speed communication service by optical fiber.
4The “Niseko Neighboring Industry Revitalization Basic Plan” by Kuromatsunai, Rankoshi, Niseko Town, Makkari, Rusutsu, Kibetsu, Kyogoku and Kutchan has obtained the consent of the government.
5Niseko Town Groundwater Conservation Ordinance and Niseko Town Water Source Protection Ordinance are enforced.
201220121Hokkaido International School · Niseko School opened.
3FM Community radio station "Radio Niseko" opened.
4Niseko Town citizens center reopened.
10Niseko Town demand bus "Nikoto BUS" started operation.
2013Heisei 251Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters Yoshikawa and Uemura will be the support ambassadors of Niseko Town for one year.
5Hokkaido Nihon Ham Fighters signed a three-year town development partnership agreement. Town tax, start storage of convenience stores in water supply and sewerage.
6Niseko TMR Center completed. Niseko Town Goshiki Onsen Information Center opens.

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