Website multilingualization function

On the official Niseko town page, we have added multilingualization function from April, 2018 (2018). With this, basically all pages can be translated into English, Chinese, Korean instantly, so please use by all means.
Multilingual function
Please hit the mouse on 'Translated by machine' ( on the lower right of screen and select pull down.
(Note that the service "" has limitations on the number of translated characters per month, some of which may not be translated.

Click the pull down at the bottom right! ! !

  • Partial modification which can not be done by general machine translation became possible.
  • In Google Translate, it was "landing type" that does not hit searching overseas sites in the English-speaking country, but translates after coming to the site, but with this function you can also hit on searching overseas sites.
  • In Mainland China, Google and other search sites may not be available, but you can also hit on search sites in China.

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