Learning Exchange Center (Asobook)

Opening hours10 am - 6 pm
ClosedEvery Monday (when Monday is a public holiday / alternate holiday, the following day will also be closed), public holidays, the last Friday of the year (book organizing day), New Year's holiday (December 31-January 5)
Location105 Niseko Town
Borrowing BooksLoan period: 2 weeks
Borrowing limits: up to 10 books
Borrowers: people living in Niseko Town and neighboring towns and villages
Reservations, etc.: You can reserve books to borrow or purchase. You can also borrow books from other libraries.
Computer cornerYou can search things or watch videos and DVDs.
Community RoomIn addition to browsing, you can play games such as cards, Othello, Go and Shogi.
InquiriesDesignated manager: Specified non-profit organization Asobook meeting

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