Elementary and junior high school town development committee


A state of activity

2021 degree

3rd January 14th (Friday) -Tasting of disaster prevention emergency food and summary of activities-

The third activity is a summary of emergency food tasting and activities.
Regarding emergency food, he expressed frank impressions such as "Unexpectedly delicious!" And "This is a little ...".
Due to the corona sickness, it was difficult to change the schedule and do the activities as I wanted, but the children always smiled and participated.

2nd October 23rd (Sat) -Let's work together to create a disaster prevention map! ~

The second activity was to create a disaster prevention map for the Chuo-dori district of Niseko Town.
We would like to thank Mr. HBC, teachers and students of Hokkai Gakuen University, and the townspeople living in the Chuo-dori area for their cooperation.
Each group completed a wonderful disaster prevention map by drawing out the good parts of the children. The state of this activity was taken up in the news of Mr. HBC in the evening of the day.

1st September 8th (Wednesday) -Let's think about disaster prevention in Niseko Town Town-

In the 2021 we will work on the theme of "Let's think about disaster prevention in Niseko Town".
A natural disaster where you do not know when and where it will occur. Children can be affected not only when they are with their parents, but also when they are alone or with friends. The purpose of this activity is to get people interested in disaster prevention.
The first time, a disaster prevention officer from the government office gave a lecture on what to do in the event of a disaster and a tour of the new government building that also has disaster prevention equipment.

2020 degree

4th January 14th (Thursday) -Experiential learning and activity summary-

This year's final activity is the Elementary and Junior High School Community Development Committee.
This time, we discovered the charm of Niseko Town through hands-on learning and summarized the activities.
Niseko Town made sandblasted glasses, and the only unique glass in the world was completed.
We moved the location to the central warehouse group and looked back on this year.
In the future, I would like you to share the knowledge and awareness you have gained through the activities of the past year with your friends.

The 3rd November 7th (Sat) -Hokkaido Shinkansen Tunnel Construction Tour-

The third activity is the long-awaited tour of the Hokkaido Shinkansen tunnel.
First, after hearing an overview at the office, he showed us the Konbu Tunnel Miyata Construction Zone, which is being excavated in Miyata Niseko Town
Although the committee members were overwhelmed by the large heavy machinery, they were able to actively listen to the questions they had thought about in advance.
We would like to thank all of the Railway Transportation Organization Niseko Railway Construction and Kajima JV for their support.

2nd October 29th (Thursday) -Pre-study before visiting the Hokkaido Shinkansen tunnel-

The second time, I learned the background knowledge before visiting the Hokkaido Shinkansen. I learned how many kilometers per hour to drive and where in Niseko Town
I am pondering the questions in preparation for my next visit.

1st August 13th (Thursday) Niseko Town and a walk in front of Niseko Station-

2020 degree and activities "now and let's compare the old days! ~ Bean knowledge - that can boast to everyone of Niseko" to the theme.
The purpose is to dig up the history of the town, which will celebrate its 120th anniversary in the 2021
In the first session, I took a walk around Niseko Station Niseko Town and learned how it changed. In front of the old station, there were many shops and I could feel the flow of history.
The next activity will be a tour of the excavation site and knowledge of the Hokkaido Shinkansen that passes through Niseko Town

Heisei 30

2nd Saturday, October 14th (Saturday) ~ Town watching and poster making ~

At the 2nd Committee, we gathered garbage while doing town watching because there were many opinions that "There are many garbage falling" in the questionnaire taken before committee started. Various garbage such as cigarette butts and PET bottles fell, I realized the amount of garbage.
After Town Watching, I made a post about the most interesting thing as a summary of my activities so far. A nice poster of "Komori ski factory" "Shinkansen tunnel construction" "Town watching" was made.

1st August 10 (Friday) ~ Tour of the central warehouse group and tour of the bullet train tunnel construction ~

In FY2003, we began activities with the theme of "Niseko you really want to tell! - Tell everyone the charm of Niseko that only you know about ~".
First, we visited the former starch factory, Komori ski factory, No.1 warehouse in the Niseko central warehouse group. We watched each of them and presented what I knew and felt, and prepared for the next poster preparation.
Next, I did a construction tour of the Shinkansen tunnel. I was able to teach various things about the tunnel, and I could see the state of the construction and it was a very valuable experience.

Heisei 29

What is Niseko town on August 8? Let's make a radio commercial in Niseko Town!

In this committee, we reconfirmed the good places of Niseko through the fieldwork of the city of Niseko and made a commercial that we can PR it at Radio Niseko!
"Nature is abundant and working on reducing CO 2 86%, a city where many tourists and locals contact each other Niseko.
Radio Niseko is not just listening. CO2 is also zero! "
  • "Radio Niseko" is an environmentally friendly community FM station!
By offsetting 12 tons of CO2 emitted by the operation of the community FM station Radio Niseko with “J-credit”, the public will be publicized as an environmentally friendly facility to the townspeople and the Niseko Town will be broadened through radio Niseko broadcasting. We send and realize international environmental resort!

Heisei 20

Presentation to the town mayor announced the 3rd January 23 model course

At the Third Committee, I gave a presentation to the town mayor and the staff of the department in charge at the committee this year. From the station front group, from the viewpoint of the season, see, eat, drink, experience, stay, from the viewpoint of the season, with the title "For people who want to play around the station", "From the view plaza look around Niseko" As I announced what I have looked into. After that, we met with the members of the committee members and the mayor of the mayor and exchanged opinions freely and vigorously about our future dreams and the city planning of Niseko.
Please see the following documents for details about the result of the event.

The 2nd session held on October 24 Model Course Preparation of Newspaper · Presentation Preparation

At the 2nd Committee, we examined more attractive route contents from the results of the previous field study and discussion, and practiced the presentation to the Mayor who will do at the 3rd meeting.
Please see the following documents for details about the result of the event.

Part 1 Examination of model course held on 8th August · Field work

Activated in FY2005 based on the theme "to tell Niseko's attraction! Make Niseko tourism model course !!" At the 1st Committee, the members of the 1st Committee were given a mission to consider the sightseeing course of the "station front course development team" and "road station start" from the town mayor, and the discussion and the field work (field survey) were done at once.
Please see the following documents for details about the result of the event.

Heisei 20

3rd March 8th snow shoe walk, environmental workshop

The committee took a sneak shoe snowshoe in the Soga Forest Park with the guidance of Mr. Kudo living in the town. While walking, we found holes and mushrooms that birds have opened in trees and found that living creatures also live in winter.
After the break, based on what I learned about the natural environment of Niseko Town this year, I divided into two groups and discussed what we can do to protect the environment in Niseko Town.
Please see the following documents for details about the result of the event.

2nd Sep. 29th Walking Footpath

Under the guidance of Mr. Tatsuto Kudo, who lives in the town, the committee took a walk along the Kashumbetsu River from Arishima Takeo Memorial Museum and observed the plants. After that, we moved to Soga Forest Park and observed many trees.
After lunch break, I confirmed the route I walked today on the paper map. While applying the photos taken today, I wrote the names of plants and living things on the map. Please see the following documents for details about the result of the event.

First aquatic insect observation meeting held on July 31

This time the committee observed the insects and fish at the Rubeshve river by the guidance of the people who watch the FF river. As a result, we were able to confirm that many living creatures living in such places as Hirata Kakeyurou and other plants are living.
After the observation party, I enjoyed nature while eating a steak barbecue along the river as it was. Please see the following documents for details about the result of the event.

2012 fiscal year

The 4th meeting on 28th February Conduct of the committee activities, what you would like to do in the future

This time, the committee discussed the impressions of the committee activities of this fiscal year and the activities of the following year and beyond. In addition, we met with Mayor of Katayama at Mayor 's Office and freely talked about questions and opinions. Please see the following documents for details about the result of the event.

The 3rd trial production of souvenirs like Niseko held on January 19

This committee made trial production of cookie, pudding, steamed bread using seasonal pumpkin (winter solstice pumpkin) as a souvenir like Niseko. For details of the holding result and the recipe, please see the following materials in detail.

The 2nd December 2 held Wynner making experience, idea delivery of Niseko like menu

In this committee, we experienced the making of a wiener at the home of Mr. Hiroshi Murakishi, who runs a restaurant in the Kondo area of Niseko Town. There were a total of 21 steps in the work process. After the work, I tasted it, but there were many impressions such as "The taste is different and delicious compared to the usual Wiener."
From the afternoon, we took part in the discussion on making ideas for Niseko-like menu, divided into 2 groups, together with 4 people of "Jyunba". It is planned to actually prototype at the next committee. Please see the following documents for details about the result of the event.

1st Annual house tomato harvest held held on 20th October, ideas for Niseko's ingredients / souvenirs etc.

The committee had a harvest experience at the house of Masataka Takeuchi, who has been farming for many years in the Kondo area of Niseko Town. We talked about trying different cultivation methods in different houses and studying delicious methods. After that, we toured the micro hydropower generator that was running since 2010 and explored the office.
In the afternoon, they were divided into two groups and talked about what foods in Niseko Town and souvenirs using them could be considered. The next committee will consider a detailed menu. Please see the following materials for details on the results.

Heisei er 23

The 3rd Saturday, March 10 (Saturday) Wind Power Generation Experiment, "Cheese Making" Experience, etc.

In this committee, we made a windmill with plastic bottles as a manufacturing experience, conducted a power generation experiment, and learned to make cheese from Niseko craftmen.
Also, as a town watching, I took a tour of the agricultural house utilizing Niseko high school geothermal energy and the townman's center near the renewal

With this experience of making cheese, I was able to know that Niseko's commitment craftsmen are making delicious cheese, that the cheese's ingredients are delicious Niseko's milk, the difficulty of cheese making and the fun at the same time.
After the experience, I reviewed the fact that I have been working for the year ahead of the theme of "Monodzukuri", compiled the impressions of the activities and "I want to tell Misora's Niseko to the town and town mayor" and submitted it to the town.
For details on the start results, please see the following documents.

The 2nd October 10 (Monday) "Monodzukuri experience class"

In this committee activity, we cooperated with professor Shimizu of Muroran Institute of Technology and its laboratory to hold "MONODZUKURI experience classes" with children's parliamentarians and children of Kondo Elementary School.
Pour the melted "tin" made of sand, solidify it by chilling and finishing the original paper weight (country code) with country signature design.
After making the paper weight, it is Genghis Khan in the huge pot of Shimizu laboratory characteristics. Unfortunately the weather was fine, but it was delicious.
In this "Manufacturing experience classroom", I was able to learn and experience experiences of making things happily.
Professor Shimizu of Muroran Institute of Technology and everyone at the laboratory, thank you.
For details on the start results, please see the following documents.

1st Saturday August 27 (Sat) Held "Niseko Mirai Newspaper" to make

The committee held a workshop with the Niseko Town children's council members.
I tried to make "Niseko future future newspaper". (This workshop was held to make use of the opinions and ideas of children in the task of formulating a new comprehensive plan)

Children divided into four groups challenge "riddle riddle" showing Kira Kaido, JR Niseko station, Kanta shrine etc. Next, I decided to explore the town as the theme of the newspaper article and the media coverage for that answer. While traveling, children were given a duties on their theme based on their theme, and interviewed passers-by activities such as interviewing.
After finishing the interview, the children gathered about the information got through the gathering activities and about walking around the town and felt what they felt, discussing each group, deciding the composition of the newspaper and the content of the article, and started working on the newspaper .
In the newspaper which was completed over about 3 hours, "the rich natural environment is protected", "the garbage disappears", "become more popular as a tourist destination", "Niseko's food becomes more delicious and a lot of restaurants can be made "
Many thoughts on Niseko Town in the future were put.

At the recital, each one shared their thoughts in their articles. You can see the details of the children's workshop on the blog of Niseko Town Comprehensive Plan.


The 5th meeting on Wednesday, March 30 Let's make Niseko's town development story

This committee divided into two groups based on the workshop of the 3rd committee, and challenged to make the story of “ Niseko Town town development”.
In making a story, we all brought together keywords to "get, approve, translate and connect", and connected the story. Group A tells stories of encounters between foreign boys and children of Niseko, with the theme of "a lot of garbage littering" and "tasty of Niseko's meal", Group B said, "Snow quality is good and skiing It is famous "and" Nature is plentiful and there are many animals ", a ski passer made a fantasy story into the animal world.

With Niseko and his own ideas with free thought, a fun work was completed. At the announcement of the completed story, there was laughter everywhere.

The 4th meeting held on Saturday, February 19 "Public" Child Community Planning Committee

The 4th committee was held as one of the programs of the symposium commemorating the 10th anniversary Niseko Town Basic Ordinance for Town Development. This pattern can also be viewed on the town's official Ustream site. For more details, please see page of "town development basic regulations".

The 3 rd January 12 (Wednesday) What I think about Niseko, boast, treasure, future image

In this committee, we took part in two groups and held a workshop on the future Niseko statue that Niseko wanted to be a good place / a bad place. .

From the members of the committee, from opinions closest to ourselves, "I want more and more playthings", "Powder snow is full of nature and boasts of Niseko", "It is a garbage-free, beautiful town", " I wanted you to find a nice place and send it out, to become a town where you can have relationships with other towns and people around the world ". At the end of the committee, we summarized and announced what we discussed in the group.

The 2nd Sunday, October 31 (Sun) Holding energy Let's make energy

First, I learned about Niseko Town's research and experiments on natural energy such as hydropower and snow. After that, they toured a micro-hydro power generation facility that was being tested in the town. I learned about the mechanism of power generation.

The 1st meeting held on August 29 (Sun)

Heisei 21

Activity theme: Let's tell! Niseko's famous tree. ~Niseko's nice scenery with "trees"~
There are lots of trees growing up in Niseko long before everyone was born. There are also trees with various stories such as trees that grew naturally and trees planted by old people, others are rare trees, and there are also very thick and big trees.

The 3 rd November 28 (Saturday) held

 The third time, as a comprehensive summary of the activities of this fiscal year, I chose the "landscape with Niseko's nice" tree "that I'd like to disclose from the interviews, and that place will be a new sightseeing spot in Niseko PR advertisement is created.

Only one tree in Japan

Former Fujiyama Elementary School (now Niseko Kogen Motors Youth Hostel "Phu House"). There is a hickory tree that becomes the raw material of ski, and the teacher of former Fujiyama elementary school planted to teach the ski to the students. It is a very rare tree in Hokkaido.

Soga Shrine

Soga shrine spreads a fantastic space where many trees with a tree older than 100 years line up when crossing a pier with torii. It is a forest bathing spot of a well-being that you can easily go inside Niseko.

A tree of love that I want to meet love

Soga Forest Park is a classic spot where cherry blossoms and Mt. Yotei can be seen in the spring, but there are rare trees that grew as if birch and mizunara are embracing and it is interesting to try as a new spot of love fulfillment is.

Akamatsu at Oka's house in Kurokawa

Akamatsu in Kurokawa 's Oka' s house is a famous tree that will be brought from the mainland by the previous generation and will be 100 years this year. Because it is in the garden of the private house, it is good to listen to the owner of the tree to the owner of landlord.

2nd Session held on Sunday, September 27

In the second installment, the teachers of the Niseko Town Mori and Greenery Society cooperated to actually cover the huge trees and rare trees in Niseko.

The 1st meeting held on Friday, August 7

The first time, as a field work, I saw Niseko's forest from the 1,000-meter plateau and I realized the nearby Niseko forest with a footpath.


Activity theme: Light and shadow of Niseko's environment ~ Niseko beautiful and Niseko stained with garbage ~
At the 2008 Small and Junior High School Community Development Committee, the theme of Niseko's "environment" was reconfirmed and the Niseko Town's scenic beauty was re-examined. And participate in community development through educational activities for prevention.

The newspaper was completed.

The message of the committee who could not attend the third time was also included, and the newspaper was completed. Newspapers containing children 's thoughts to prevent garbage poisoning are circulated in the town.

The 3rd November 8 (Saturday) held ~ littering prevention awareness newspaper making ~

The third time, we made a newspaper as a comprehensive summary of the last activity of this fiscal year.
Through the activities we have done so far, we have posted in combination with the photos taken at the first time, using the feelings that we felt and want to appeal to everyone about litter littering or illegal dumping.
The completed newspaper is scheduled to be circulated in the town by administrative promoter distribution. Also, members who could not participate on the day will also post a message.

I installed a signboard.

The signboard produced at the second time was installed along the town road Yotei Kondo contact line, which has a lot of garbage littering. The thought of children to prevent garbage pollution is put in it.

2nd Tuesday, September 23 (Tuesday) - Creating a garbage disposal prevention signboard jointly with the Children's Congress -

In the second round, we worked with the Children's Congress to create signboards to prevent garbage from being lit.
The completed signboard will be set up along the town road Yotei Kondo contact line, which has a lot of garbage littering.
【Original plan thought by all participants】

Both of them are wonderful works, and a message filled with thoughts of Niseko's children is put in it.
Everyone wishes that garbage litter will be gone and clean Niseko will be protected.

The 1st meeting held on August 8 (Friday)

In the first visit, we got a lecture from Environment Director Sato, Deputy Director of the townspeople living section of the town office, first went to a 1,000-meter plateau observatory at the gondola and reconfirmed the beautiful Niseko.
After that, we visited frequent littering sites and final disposal sites and realized that Niseko was dirty with garbage. I will do my best to protect the beautiful Niseko with this thought into the making of signboard and the newspaper after the second time.

FY 2007

Activity theme: Let's think about "hometown lunch" that is typical of Niseko
In the 2007 elementary school and junior high school student planning committee, I learned about food education with the theme of "Niseko's local disappearance"
Niseko produces a lot of delicious rice and vegetables. Therefore, we thought about whether we could make a fun Niseko-friendly menu that uses as many ingredients as possible from Niseko for school lunch. What was devised there was the committee's original lunch menu, "Furusato Lunch".
"Oldness and school lunch" are provided as school lunches divided into three times, October 19 (Fri), December 6 (Thurs), and December 11 (Tue), and all elementary, middle and high schools in Niseko Town So it was actually behaving.

[3rd] Held on October 13 ~ Prototypes and taste of "Furusato meals" ~

In the 3rd round, from the menu we decided the last time, we selected 4 items "Niseko's color fried rice", "cheese potatoes steamed bread", "cherry vermicelli mini tomato salad" and "kabo corn soup" in the forest Under the guidance of a nutrition teacher, I actually tried cooking

【Part 2】 held on September 1 ~ Fieldwork, Decision of Menu -

In the second round, we did the work of deciding the menu of the hometown meal service.
Check local ingredients at Road Station View Plaza. With that as a reference, I thought about fun naming and selling points for each group. As a result of giving presentations to each group, we completed a menu table of "hometown lunch" that was full of fun ideas and looked very delicious.
Menu for "Hometown Lunch" devised by the Small and Medium Town Planning Committee

"Niseko's color fried rice"

  • Made from Niseko: rice, color pepper, pepper, carrot, pork
  • Selling point: Irregularity is beautiful!

"Niseko de Jambaraya"

  • Materials from Niseko: rice, tomato, zucchini, onion, paprika
  • Selling point: 100 times fine with red color

"Steamed bread with potatoes where the cheeks fall"

  • Materials from Niseko: Kitsuda, Ginseng
  • Selling point: Chicken steamed bread that cheeks taste like potatoes falling down

"Walnut Kabuto Dowaking (Salad)"

  • Material from Niseko: grape (coloring), turnip (radish)
  • Selling point: purple is beautiful, grapes make skin beautiful effect UP

"Super Soup of Surimi and Egg & Tsuru Harusa Mini Tomato Salad"

  • Material from Niseko: (soup) egg, carrot, (salad) tomato, cucumber
  • Selling point: rich in rashes.

"Cabo Corn Soup"

  • Materials from Niseko: pumpkin, corn, parsley
  • Selling point: Once upon a time it is said that the fox was made and the luck luck UP! Golden soup to make

【1st meeting】 Held on July 30 ~ Niseko's "Local disappearance disappearance" and meal service ~

Illustration drawn by members of the committee

FY 2006

Activity theme: Find "Home town view point"

Niseko Town Landscape Ordinance in Article 27 of, "Mayor Niseko Town the point that you can view the excellent scenery in, can be specified as a hometown view point" You are.
The small and junior high school town development committee conducts fieldwork and proposes two hometowns and prospective view points to the mayor. Niseko Town was the first hometown view point specified.

For details, please see the following page.

Heisei era 2005

Activity Theme: What we can do for society and town

Another activity to participate in the community development of children is "Kids' Congress". Among them, I got a question saying "Niseko station with many graffiti is beautiful". Therefore, the town development committee, the Niseko Resort Tourist Association and the town cooperated to do the paint painting and signboard making work.
Paint painting is the first experience for most people. But the station of their town became beautiful and it looked very satisfying.

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