When moving to another country parties Japan or leaving Japan is obliged to pay taxes. Taxes are classified as below. Taxes are classified as below. Taxes are classified as below.

Individual inhabited tax

Individual inhabitance tax is calculated by using the previous year's income figure, to which a per capita tax rate is added. The per capita tax is levied regardless of the income level for the previous year.

Corporate inhabited tax

This tax is levied on corporations that have offices, business places and / or facilities located in the town's boundaries.

Light vehicle tax

(A light vehicle is referred to as a Kei and has a yellow registration plate) This tax is levied on people who own light vehicles and use them in the town.

National health insurance tax

This tax is levied on people who enrolled in the national health insurance scheme. The tax is calculated based on the size of the family, income and fixed asset tax for the family for the period of April to the following March.

Fixed asset tax

This tax is levied depending on real estate and other assets if the taxpayer is the owner of the asset as of January 1, even if the ownership is changed (due to sale) in the middle of the year.


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