Residency card

Entering and exiting at a national airport

Those entering the country will receive a confirmation stamp in their passport, and those in Japan for medium- or long-term stays will be presented directly with their residence card (zairyuu kaado) or, in the case that a card could not be prepared time, a provisional stamp will be attached to their passport to indicate that they will be sent a residence card shortly.

Procedures at the municipal level

Residency report (Registration as a resident)

If you only get a passport and residence in Japan please bring in passport and residence card to the Town Council to register as a resident within two weeks of passing through immigrations. If you only receive a provisional stamp, you may bring your passport only When you register for a bank account and other activities. If you register as a resident you can receive other people - issued identification and receive government services.
  • Those whose period of residence is under three months, short-term residents, those with a diplomat or government business visa, special permanent residents and illegal residents do not need to register as residents.

Change of address / emigration

When need to a "proof of moving out" procedures, whereupon you will be willing to "proof of moving out". registering your new address. If you have permission to re-enter the country, as a general rule you still need to apply for "proof of moving out".

If you are all on your first day of taxes before leaving the country. If you are leaving the country of January are not tax notices in June. of your taxes for you and prepare to pay your taxes.

If a child is born in Japan

If you are residing in Japan for over 60 days, you must register any children within 14 days the birth.
  • In order to register births you must present some proof of the birth: a birth certificate, Mother and child handbook, etc.

Procedures that must be done at the Immigration Bureau

Making changes other than a change of address
Application to change name, Birth date, sex, nationality / region
Application to renew the length of validity on your residence card (for permanent residents and minors under 16)
Application for a new residence card (if your card is lost, stolen, destroyed, or is severely damaged)
Changes regarding work / school affiliation or spousal status (employment qualifications, study qualifications such as "exchange student", acquiring resident status through marriage)
Residency review - When extending residency, changing residency status, etc. middle and long-term residents will be presented with a new residence card.
Application for the residency status of children born in Japan (within 30 days of birth).
  • this application requires a proof of birth (birth certificate, mother and child handbook, etc.)


Seal and identification registration, birth / death registration-related inquiries

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