Public information Niseko September issue [No. 725]

[Special Feature] Niseko Railway Heritage Sites Conveying the History of the Town
Front pageEnjoyed hand-held fireworks at "Tanabata no Yube"
1~5Special Feature / Niseko Railway Heritage Group Conveying the History of Machi
6~8Urban development information room / Use it well and comfortably “Nikotto Bus” Life and work that you want to know more about “Supplementary budget edition”
9~10Town Topic / 42nd “Tanabata no Yube” Fireworks Festival, 29th Mt.
11~16Everyone's page / From Asobukkuda / Neighboring cooperation team / Nikoniko Square / Komyudi ~
17~21Information on living / Kira points will be given by applying for a new My Number card!・Implementation of autumn cleanup operation ・Niseko Railway Heritage Group “Niseko Express” open to the public
22Town calendar
Back coverThis Month's Photo Album / Food and Nutrition Story

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