Public information Niseko January issue [No. 729]

【Machizukuri Information Office】
・Right now, “sustainable tourism” is hot! ~ Why Niseko Town is working on "sustainable tourism"
・Aiming for a society where people can live in their own way ~Gender equality society~
Front pageMochitsuki Pettan!
1~2New Year greetings
3~6Urban development information room / "Sustainable tourism" is hot now! ~Why Niseko Town is working on ``sustainable tourism''-Aiming for a society where you can live like yourself-Gender equality society-
7~8Town Topic/Presentation Kindergarten /The 9th Pikinini Concert/Conferment Ceremony for Order of the Sacred Treasure, Single Light
9~14Everyone's page / From Asobukkuda / Neighboring cooperation team / Nikoniko Square / Komyudi ~
15~21Information on living / Notice of "emergency support benefit for soaring prices of electricity, gas, food, etc." ・About review of Kiranoyu usage fee ・About expiration date of living support gift certificate & child care support gift certificate
22Town calendar
Back coverThis Month's Photo Album / Food and Nutrition Story

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