Public Relations Niseko January Issue [No. 705]

【Machizukuri Information Office】
Work correction budget that you want to know more
Front pageThe last presentation of the bear group! at Kindergarten
1~2New Year greetings
3~4Machizukuri Information Office / Work correction budget for wanting to know more
5~6Town Topic/ Kindergarten Presentation ・ Niseko Town of Commerce Awarded ・Kondo Elementary School Arts Festival
7~10Everybody's Page / From Play / Niko Niko Square / Komyu Dei ~
11~17Living information / villa, vacant house, etc. has signed the agreement on utilization, SMEs of the 2021 change of labels for Special Exceptions to the degree of property tax Niseko Station of the T-junction
18Town calendar
Back coverReal Niseko from this month's photo album/statistics

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