Public Relations Niseko October Issue [No. 702]

【Special Feature】
Think about international exchange
【Machizukuri Information Office】
・ What kind of place is Niseko High School?
・ Household account book of our town
Front pageI tried ikebana at the public cram school Niseko Mirai Lab
1~6Special feature / Thinking about international exchange
7~12Town Development Information Room / What is Niseko High School?・ Household account book of our town
13~14Town Topics/ Kindergarten Sports Day, Puperbus in Niseko, Ehon Ningyougeki no Jikan
15~18Everybody's Page / From Play / Niko Niko Square / Komyu Dei ~
19~25Living Information/Census completed?・Recruitment for 2021 Kindergarten admission ・Autumn fire prevention campaign begins
26Town calendar
Back coverReal Niseko from this month's photo album/statistics

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