Public information Niseko September issue [No. 701]

【Special Feature】
Two Niseko Halloween Pumpkin Stories
【Machizukuri Information Office】
・2050年 二酸化炭素排出ゼロを表明~ニセコ町気候非常事態宣言
Front pageA commemorative photo for everyone who participated in the Kids English Tour! (At Tokeien)
1~7Two Niseko Halloween Pumpkin Stories
82050 Declaration of zero carbon dioxide emissions-Niseko Town Climate Emergency Declaration
9~10Town of topic / Niseko challenge 2020 of a child parliament Kids English tour in Niseko
11~14Everybody's Page / From Play / Niko Niko Square / Komyu Dei ~
15~21Information on living / Please cooperate with national tax investigation / Forest road Niseko Higashiyama line traffic regulation / Autumn clean operation
22Town calendar
Back coverReal Niseko from this month's photo album/statistics

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