Public information Niseko February issue [No. 694]

【Special Feature】
Eco-Model City action plan to create the future of Niseko Town Towards the establishment of a regional energy company and the development of short-distance towns-
【Machizukuri Information Office】
Town development lecture meeting held

Front pageNew adults who attended the 2020 adult ceremony.
1~8Special Feature /Eco-Model City Action Plan for Creating the Future of Niseko Town Towards the Establishment of a Regional Energy Company and the Development of a Short Traveling Town-
9~10Town development information room / town planning inauguration meeting was held
11~12Topic of town / Niseko Kids Park ・ The 23rd Niseko Avalanche Meeting ・ The 187th Town Development Townsman Lecture
13~16Everybody's Page / From Play / Niko Niko Square / Komyu Dei ~
17~21Information on living / disaster prevention seminars, tax declarations, town development townsman lectures Review of the 5th Niseko Town Comprehensive Plan and Formulation of the 2nd Niseko Town Self-Government Revitalization Comprehensive Strategy
22Town calendar
Back coverIt's shining, this person No. 180

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