Public information Niseko June issue [No. 686]


Arishima Pound Challenges Population Collection of Endangered Freshwater Fish Ito “Obiramekai Considering the Future of the Shiribetsu River”


【Special Feature】
Protecting the Landscape and Water Resources-The Future of Development
【Machizukuri Information Office】
Fiscal year 2030 financial status
Front pageChallenge to population raising eggs of endangered species freshwater fish Ito "Obiramekai thinking about the future of the Shiribetsu River"
1~4Special Feature: Protecting Landscape and Water Resources
5~6Town development information room / The fiscal situation in 2030
7~8Topic of town / physical education association commendation ceremony, Kotobuki university opening ceremony others
9~12Everyone's Page / Ashitarudori Yuriko / Hiroko Hiroe
13~21Recruitment others of information / town congressist election of living / Niseko sightseeing attraction up business
22Town calendar
Back coverThis month photo album

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