Public information Niseko January issue [No. 693]

【Machizukuri Information Office】
・ Niseko geothermal power now
・ Jobs for supplementary budget
Front pageI pounded rice cakes at Kindergarten
1~2Year-end greetings
3~8Town development information room / Formulating the 2nd Niseko Town Self-Government Creation Strategy ・ Niseko area geothermal development now
9~10Town Topic/ Kindergarten Presentation, Niseko High School Performance Presentation, Pikinini Christmas Concert
11~14Everybody's Page / From Play / Niko Niko Square / Komyu Dei ~
15~21Information of living
22Public disclosure of the town's calendar / budget hearings ・ We will conduct a radio listening survey ・ Enjoy the winter of Niseko in night skiing and snowboarding classes
Back coverPhoto album of this month

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